Deacon Minister Story

My Deacon Minister Story

Deacon Minister Story

I am so excited to share my Deacon Minister story with you! I have just completed the coursework for my Deacon Minister Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance! The Deacon Ordination credentials allow me to expand my work for our Lord and Savior. I now can perform such rites as baptism and communion. As a volunteer for Hospice of the Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio, this will be of great benefit to me as well. I provide spiritual care for my patients and their families in that work. In addition, it will provide me with many more opportunities to spread our Savior’s love to others in a variety of situations. What an exciting prospect!

My service to the Lord increases with the recognition as a Deacon Minister. The legitimacy this brings to my ministry service opens many doors for me. Our Savior uses me to do his will and work with a variety of people. As I said before, I minister to my patients at Hospice of the Western Reserve and their families. My students and other faculty members in the school where I teach are also benefitting. Lastly, my congregation in the United Methodist Church, where I am a member, will benefit. Being able to perform the sacred rites of communion and baptism will provide me with many opportunities to serve the Lord in ministry.

Free Ministry Training at CLI

The free training provided by the Christian Leaders Institute is paramount in my ability to reach this level in performing the work of the Lord. I am swamped with tuition debt and credit card debt. Therefore, I can not afford to attend any other seminaries which are costly and less convenient. Christian Leaders Institute, with its free tuition and online format, allows me to do the work at my own pace and time frame. It encourages me to walk more closely with our Lord and Savior, and I am exceedingly grateful for that!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.