Christian Leader Ordination

Christian Leaders Ordination

Christian Leaders Ordination: Growing in God!

Hi, my name is Rudy, and I am excited about this Christian Leaders Ordination. I live in Mansfield, Texas, and am 36 years old. My wife and I celebrated sixteen years of marriage. I have a beautiful wife and three children. My wife and I have also been in the ministry together for over 19 years.

This Deacon Minister Ordination will assist me in being able to do more in the ministry than I ever thought possible. This Christian Leaders Ordination lends credibility to me and my ministry service. Those around me now also know that I do whatever God asks of me with this Christian Leader Ordination and that I am committed to God and His work on a deeper level.

Ministry Opportunities and Christian Leaders Ordination

The open opportunities in ministry that are being put into my path right now are exciting. I am taking on more responsibility as a campus pastor and an associate pastor. I want to share my work in ministry. It is crucial to stay prayed up when in ministry. All glory goes to God that He has allowed us to be very well equipped to take on multiple ministries and do them together! Together we are growing in God!

This free ministry training with Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance have been formative for me. It allows me to understand better where my pastor is coming from and how to assist him better in the activities of the church. It also prepares me to be a better leader in my home, church, and community.

Please pray for God to continue to keep His hand upon us and to protect us. This year of 2019 has been a trying year for our marriage, our health, our lives, and our relationships.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.