Needed Ordination Credentials

Needed Ordination Credentials

Evangelist for Christ who Needed Ordination Credentials

My name is Alice Birch, and I am receiving needed ordination credentials with the Christian Leaders Alliance. I was born in East St. Louis, Illinois. Currently, I live in Bonner Springs, Kansas, with my daughter, and I am divorced. I trained as a nurse’s aid at a vocational college and attended Aenon Bible College. I also have a nonprofit organization called Tamar Ministry: Reaching Out To Children And Hurting People Through Books. This organization was established on December 15, 2001.

Ministry In Kansas City

I came to Kansas City in 2009 and started going to Calvary Temple Pentecostal Church. At Calvary, I began to serve as one of the head ministers/Christian leaders under Dr. Melgin Williams. I served under pastor Williams until his passing in 2013. After his passing, I stayed until 2016.

My Childhood/Spiritual Journey

I am one out of six children and raised by my mother. A drunk driver killed my father when I was just four years old. Losing my father at a young age caused me to feel broken.

My spiritual journey began at age eleven when the devil told me to go to my mother’s medicine cabinet and swallow a bottle of prescription pills. My father was unsaved when he died, so I knew I wasn’t going to see him in heaven. Just as I was going to take the pills, the Lord said to me, “Go, turn on the radio.” As I turned on the radio, the song “Love Frees All Souls” by Shirley Caesar began playing. The words of that song touched my heart. I began to cry, and that’s when I knew God is real because He saved my life.

Coming To Christ

The following year in 1979, at age twelve, I was sitting in my mother’s living room with my two other siblings. My brother asked us if we want to be saved. We all answered yes, and then my brother began to tell us the plan of salvation. Later that night, we all went to church. When we arrived, they had choir practice. My brother told the pastor, the late Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford, that his siblings wanted to be saved. After the pastor prayed with me, I received baptism and the Holy Ghost.

Growing in Christ

At House of Prayer To All Nations church under Bishop Pettiford, I served on the usher board, sang in the choir, served in the kitchen, and regularly attended Sunday school/Bible class. My spiritual dream was to be an evangelist like the ones I admired, such as Dr. Jackie McCullough, Evangelist Jackie Rumph, and Iona Locke. As I grew in Christ, one of the obstacles I faced was maintaining my Christian walk at school. I endured peer pressure and bullying for being a Christian.

Maturing In Christ

At age twenty, I married a man in the military. While stationed in Germany for a while, we were the pastor and first lady at one of the churches. In Germany is where I began to mature in my calling from God. I did a lot of missionary service. While in Germany, I faced another obstacle, the loss of my second child. Losing my child tested my faith a little, but I continued to minister.

My Hope Using Christian Leaders Institute

The Christian Leaders Alliance is helping me get needed ordination credentials. I have been serving and preaching at local facilities for over twenty years. Several pastors in the PAW organization have endorsed me, but I did not have the money to take the classes. The pastor I served at Calvary Temple Church, Dr. Melgin Williams, was going to pay for all the ministers to get ordained at Aenon Bible College, but then he passed.

At the Christian Leaders Institute, I plan to take courses for outreach, sales groups, and evangelism. I already have some speaking engagements. I want to share my ministry work through teaching, preaching, prayer groups, Bible classes, visiting nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, and sale groups. CLI helped me save financially, and CLA helped me with my needed ordination credentials.

Please, pray for my health and that I may grow in my ministry and my calling by the Lord. Thank you!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.