Ordination for the Lord's Calling

Ordination for the Lord’s Calling

Ordination for the Lord’s Calling with CLA

My name is Jason Johnson, and I am receiving ordination for the Lord’s calling on my life. Born in Glendale, Arizona, in 1978, I sensed the Lord’s calling to ministry when I was 19 years old. Before that, I recall “preaching” to my friends in high school. I ran from the calling to the ministry for fear of losing my family if I left home for seminary. I ended up in the belly of the whale many times. However, while it reminded me of the Lord’s calling, I ran from it every time I was free. Trouble came to my home when I was there, and they threw me overboard several times so that the difficulties would go away from them.

Surrender to the Lord’s Calling

Finally, at 28 years old, I found myself in the belly of the whale again. Finally, I fully surrendered to the Lord! I was done with the perpetual cycle that was eating up the years of my life. Shortly afterward, I led a new Bible study with about seven other people. After that, I joined the praise team at the church. Then the Lord moved me up to lead the praise team. Soon the position of associate pastor overseeing the ministry there was mine!

Later, I moved back to Arizona, where I grew up and joined a new church. Nobody there knew of my previous work in the Lord. So, I found myself starting over and treated as a new convert even though I had been serving the Lord for seven years by that time. I stayed humble and submissive.

Ministry Training at CLI and Ordination for the Lord’s Calling at CLA

I married. Later, I found that the Christian Leaders Institute is the best decision for my family and me to walk in the calling of the Lord in ministry. I found CLI while searching on the internet for ministry training. The Deacon ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance will help me in my calling. I can better assist those I am serving through the classes I am completing. I sense the calling to Pastor and desire to see reformation in the church and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.