Licensed Life Coach Ministry

Licensed Life Coach Ministry

My name is Mwamba Kabuya, and I am called to a licensed Life Coach ministry. The proper training I received at Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing. I grew up in a Catholic family in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Both of my parents served in the church and were fully committed to what they were doing. My father was a reader in church and a home cell leader, and my mother was a catechism teacher.

My Ministry Journey

When I was 19 years old, I received the responsibility of setting up a Catholic youth cell in my area, which was almost non-existent. Since I was a very active person and a talented football player, I knew many people in my community. Thet made it easier for me to form a team of over 40 people for the church.

I later discovered that God wanted me to serve Him through healing, preaching, counseling, and comforting His people in this team. I prayed for the sick when I visited members and prayed for their brothers and sisters. God showed Himself even though I did not have much knowledge of His Word. My way of leading the group brought me a real encounter with God. That is when I began to understand who God is.

A group of friends, all belonging to different Pentecostal churches, invited me to join their evangelical drama group. They insisted that I would be a good actor. Their convictions neutralized my refusal to join them. We performed in schools, churches, at parties and weddings, preaching the gospel. One day, the pastor of one of the churches we were at made an altar call. I gladly went up and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord. I was still in the Catholic Church. However, that was the first time I heard about accepting Christ as my personal Savior.


I pursued better opportunities than those offered by my country, where there was no hope for the youth, plagued by war and political and economic instability. So I left to seek asylum and try to continue my football career in South Africa. Unsuccessful in finding a football team, I decided to take short courses to further my education. In the meantime, I also found a job to pay my bills. The people at this job were very generous and trained me well. But one thing that was not good about them was a system they had set up to steal money fraudulently. Sadly, I got involved in these activities over time.

For almost a year, this way of doing things became a part of me. Then, I began to hear a voice telling me to leave the job. I struggled with this voice inside me. Feeling guilty every time I did it, I could not stop because it covered my needs with the money I was earning. I feared that in a foreign country, no one would help me.

In the same way that God sent me a group of friends to rescue me, He sent a particular person into my life to help me live a life of sanctification and godliness. I told the people what God was telling me when I quit my job, but of course, they could not understand. How can you survive in this country without a job?

Licensed Life Coach Ministry

I met my wife, my fiancé then, and told her what God had told me. She encouraged me to follow the voice of God. In the church where she grew up, she served God on the worship team. I was a youth leader and intercessor at my church in South Africa. We prayed together about it all. After I quit my job, God sent us a man who gave us money to start our own business. God began to guide us. Before we were married a year later, I got another job that paid far better than my previous one.

My wife and I started an English choir at our church in the French community. We called it “One Voice.” We also ministered to children and youth. Today, we have a deliverance and healing ministry. My wife and sister-in-law lead a worship class that teaches young girls ages 12 to 18 to worship God in spirit and truth. We have helped so many churches establish choirs, youth, and children’s ministries.

We are so thankful to have Christian Leaders Institute, where we can equip ourselves to serve effectively with proper training. Being a licensed life coach with Christian Leaders Alliance is all about helping others. It is an honor to be recognized. It adds value and credibility to the calling that God has given me for licensed Life Coach ministry.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.