Formal Ministry Training

Formal Ministry Training

My name is Peter Clive Obbo, and I am getting formal ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about formal ministry training and other Bible courses, Click Here). I am also getting licensed as a ministry officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance. My wife Harriet and I are blessed with two wonderful God-fearing daughters, Rheena 25, and Rhesa 16. We are from Uganda a country in the Eastern part of Africa.

My Spiritual Journey Begins

I gave my heart and life to Jesus on the 31st of December 1989 and began a new decade as a child of God washed by the blood of Jesus. This marked the end of a completely wasted life. I wondered why I took so long. Yet, along the way, I was exposed to the gospel in Primary School and High School. I remember doing a Bible correspondence course and even joining the Scripture union because I liked acting. However, I never received Jesus as my Lord and Savior back then.

My Conversion

My conversion was an authentic encounter with the love of Jesus. I experienced the peace I had been searching for as a young man in all the wrong places by saying a simple prayer. It was proof that Jesus is indeed the Prince of Peace. This encounter drove me to seek and search for ways to serve Him in gratitude. The school I was attending then, Tororo College, had a very vibrant Scripture Union. They were very fiery young people hungry for God with a very supportive traveling secretary, Rev. Sam Ewou. He always encouraged us to desire to be the next Reinhard Bonnke, Billy Graham, or Luis Palau, and our own Pastor Robert Kayanja of our generation. That was what we all desired to be. We, therefore, had to read our Bibles, have daily evening prayer meetings, and learn how to share the gospel with our fellow students.

I joined the youth group in the very supportive Tororo Pentecostal Church, then led by Pastor John Lokwang (who since went to be with the Lord). It gave me a lot of mileage in terms of spiritual growth and the practical aspects of sharing the gospel in the market, on the streets, and in many other outreaches of the church. I saw people give their life to Jesus, the sick being healed, and the oppressed being set free. These experiences got me desiring to serve God even more.

My Calling

In 1992, God called me into the ministry in the Jinja Miracle Center Church with Pastors Robert Kaahwa and David Ssebuufu. It was a ministry under Pastor Robert Kayanja. I was involved especially in youth outreaches and crusades. I also started traveling out of Uganda to neighboring Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Malawi for Evangelistic missions. God was so gracious to save, heal, and deliver his people during those Gospel missions.

In 1996-1997, my wife Harriet and I had the privilege of working with a missionary couple from the USA, Paul and Jean Mc Fate. They were the coordinators of Marriage Ministries International – Africa, based in Tororo, Uganda. We had 21 couples in Jinja graduate through the course.

Over the years, I was preaching, teaching, and doing revival meetings especially in schools and various churches without formal training. Most of the materials I used were from an organization called World Map. It was led by a very precious teacher, Ralph Mahoney. As I write this profile, I have his very famous training manual – The Shepherd’s Staff – right before me. I have kept it since 1994.

Formal Ministry Training at CLI

I had the desire to get formal ministry training but could not afford it. So in 2016, I began praying about free formal training. God, being a good God, answered my prayer. While searching the web, I landed on the Christian Leaders Institute. At that time, I was ministering in the House of Revival, a church in Kampala. It was led by Michael Kintu as Senior Pastor. From there, I felt called to be a missionary to the Middle East.

I found the lessons at CLI so interactive and tailored for whatever you desire to study. The simplicity with which my beloved professors delivered the messages and lessons really encouraged me to do one course after another. The fact that the courses are free and very flexible encouraged me to continue studying more after completing the Ministers License Recognition Class.

I am so thankful to God for our dear Founder, Rev. Henry Reyenga, and all the Professors and staff. I do not forget the volunteers and supporters, who are being used by God to make dreams for people like me come to pass. With the training I have acquired at CLI, I am now a more resourceful minister than when I first began. God Bless you!

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.