minister ordination profile

Minister Ordination Profile

Hello, my name is Stephanie Demers. I live in Wisconsin with my wonderful husband and two children. I am making this minister ordination profile since I have completed my deacon minister ordination course at the Christian Leaders Institute. Getting ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance was my next step. With excitement, I look forward to my future in ministry service.

My Calling Journey

My calling into ministry came from realizing God has been active in my life from a very young age. Baptized at the age of seven, I remember standing in the front of the church glowing from my excitement for Jesus! I felt something come over me that I could not fully explain.

My dad moved away from Wisconsin when I was two, but around the age of 12, he moved back to Wisconsin, enabling us to see him again. It was great having my dad back in my life! Spending weekends on the farm with my dad was so enjoyable. Then one day, while visiting my dad, he shared with me the news that he had been diagnosed with cancer. At the age of 15, I was not exactly sure what that meant because the word cancer was not a common household word like it is now.

He had chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I prayed for God to cure my dad. However, that was not God’s will. My dad passed away the week before I turned 17. I was so angry with God and thought, “What good is He?” I finally got my dad back in my life then He took him away again! That is when I turned my back on God.


Growing up, I saw and experienced a lot of pain from broken marriages. Not only through my parents’ marriage but my mom’s second marriage, as well as the marriages of other family members. Experiencing all that brokenness made me want to help marriages and families. I enrolled in college and obtained my degree in Psychology. I aspired to counsel families, strengthen marriages, and encourage children.

One day, while at work, I picked up a book intended for the person whose shift I was covering. This book was about answering people’s questions about God. I could not put it down! At that very moment, God broke through my hardened heart towards Him and spoke to me. The redeeming blood of Jesus Christ became so real to me! From that moment on, I recommitted my life to Christ with zeal! I drove an hour every Sunday to go to church with my grandma. I was baptized as an adult at the age of 20.

Marriage and Ministry Service

I met my husband while in college. After five years of marriage, we had two children and our own electrical contracting company. The business was a success but very stressful. We started to drift apart. However, through lots of prayers and by God’s grace, He pulled us back onto solid ground. I wanted to give back to God by serving in our local church. I had such a heart to serve God and His children.

Then one day, I read an ad in the paper for a local church looking for an office manager. I had the qualifications and the heart to do the job. I told my husband we better go check out this church if I were to apply. We instantly felt at home! I applied for the position with peace in my soul. Shortly after being on staff, my pastor looked at me and said he could see me doing more than the business side of ministry. He asked if I had ever thought about speaking, which I never had. His comment planted the seed to receive formal ministry training. I loved my church, my job, all the staff, and the whole church community. I became a trained facilitator of a parenting curriculum, helping families strengthen their relationships.

Into the Wilderness

Five years later, God planted the seed of homeschooling. Our daughter struggled in school, my husband was over-stressed with the business, and I felt God wanted me to be more available for my family. After months of praying, my husband and I felt called to sell our house and the business, move our family to our cabin, and homeschool. Resigning and moving away from our church family and friends has been so hard. I have felt like I have been in exile in the wilderness ever since.

God has been present in our wilderness as we have discovered things we never would have otherwise. We have grown closer to God as a family and to each other. Homeschooling my children now for five years has been such a blessing. I am so thankful I get to shepherd their hearts daily, share the love of Jesus with them, and teach them God’s word.

Back to School for Ministry

One day while I led my small group, everyone commented on my passion and glow when discussing God’s Word. Someone suggested that I go back to school for ministry. However, I commented that finances are tight with one income and homeschooling. My friend mentioned someone who takes free classes online. I instantly felt excited about the possibility! That night I prayed to God. If He wanted me to pursue formal ministry education, He would have to make a way.

I looked up ministry training and found the Christian Leaders Institute! It amazed me that there was an actual institution that offered free training! I instantly enrolled! I am excited to see where God leads me. Looking back, I realize that that excitement for Jesus I felt at seven years old was God planting a heart for ministry in me. I know all of these experiences, along with the wilderness, have been God’s way of preparing me for ministry with my family to expand God’s family.

CLA Minister Ordination Profile

I enrolled in CLI almost a year ago. My daughter asked if I planned to be ordained. I told her I was unsure. I entered this training with the heart and mindset that I would go as far as God takes me. Before, I tried to put out the fire burning in my heart. However, now I surrender it to the Lord.

So far, I completed 42 credits and am excited to add the Deacon minister ordination to my Minister Ordination Profile. I pray for wisdom and discernment over what direction to continue to take my training and what more to add to my minister ordination profile. There are a few potential ministry opportunities I am exploring. One is partnering with our Teaching Pastor in a Discover the Bible Class at our church. I would not be where I am right now without this free ministry training from CLI. I appreciate your prayers for wisdom and a heart of obedience to God’s calling.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.