Credentialed Christian wedding officiant

Credentialed Christian Wedding Officiant

My Youth and My Journey

Hello, my name is Gloria White, and this is my spiritual journey and my journey to be a credentialed Christian wedding officiant through courses at the Christian Leaders Institute and credentialing through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Introduced to Christianity at a young age, my life was in turmoil during that time. I grew up as a Muslim and was in turmoil with the beliefs and lessons that I learned. I learned to believe there was a division among all men. However, my learning about Jesus Christ changed my way of thinking and living. I heard a voice say, “Get up this is not what I have chosen for you.” After meditating, I realized that the voice I heard was the voice of God. That is when I became a new creation. I decided to return to school and finish the journey that God placed me on.

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Being a Christian Leaders Institute student has helped me to be able to confidently explain what it is to be a Christian. God makes it possible for me to lead others to Christ through my testimony. I pray for God to allow me to reach those who are unreachable and to teach those who know nothing about Him. Furthermore, I want them to know how to walk in the light of Jesus.

During my life ministry through the Holy Ghost, I have been able to assist some on their journey to Christ. I believe in the old saying “One to plant, one to water, but God sends the increase.” It was not only me. Some Christian leaders are planters, others waters, but we know who sends the increase, God Almighty. I have studied the Word of God and attended and obtained my ordination from two churches. However, I want to continue learning as much as I can about the Word of God. I believe to lead one must be able to follow.

Credentialed Christian Wedding Officiant

Being a credentialed Christian Wedding Officiant allows me to perform ceremonies throughout New York and neighboring states. My niece wants me to officiate her wedding this summer, and I plan to perform it in the venue of her choice.

My motivation for pursuing the certificate is to help me fulfill the duties within my ministry. I can officiate within my state, but not in the City of New York. The majority of my family lives in the city and they have asked me to officiate their ceremonies.

Study at CLI

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to serve others. It has always been my calling. When I was introduced to Christianity something came over my mind, body, spirit, and soul. I wanted to serve in the capacity that is spoken about in the Bible. Being a student at the Christian Leaders Institute inspires me to pursue ordination through a higher authority. I am interested in preaching, as well as helping others find their way to Jesus Christ.

This free training enhanced my desire to learn and teach God’s Word. If I preach it while delivering a sermon, officiating a wedding, or delivering a eulogy, I am spreading the love of Christ, and how important it is to have Jesus in the middle of all your decisions.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.