Become ordained as a Christian Minister withine One Year

Christian Leaders Alliance is excited to partner with Christian Leaders Institute to provide a completely free study and ordination program called the Christian Minister Ordination role.

This program is a one-year study that covers the essentials of being a well-trained minister. This program requires ten classes and 32 credits. These ten online classes are completely free of charge. The generous gifts of vision partners support them.

Here are the individual ministry training classes you need to complete to receive this Christian Minister ordination.

The Christian Leaders Award focuses on ten courses. You will, first of all, enroll and take the admissions activity. This activity gives you a great start at Christian Leaders Institute.

Second, complete the first two ministry track classes. 

1. Connections Course (3 Credits) The Christian Leaders Connections course continues to orientate you to Christian Leaders Institute.  You will be introduced to ministry ordination concepts.

2.  Christian Basics (3 Credits). This course gives you grounding in fundamental Christian theology.

Third, enroll in the Deacon Minister ordination Class.

The deacon minister ordination class (1 Credit) teaches you about ordination. Men or women are welcomed to be ordained as Christian ministers with the Christian Leaders Alliance. This deacon minister class explains all this in more detail.

Fourth, you complete eight more ministry training classes.

These classes will give you the training you need to do a wedding, funeral, baptism, communion, pastoral care, and most general roles of ministry.

1. Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)

Learn about the history of redemption, starting in the book of Genesis and surveying the rest of the Old Testament.

2. New Testament Survey (3 Credits)

Every ordained minister should be well aware of the New Testament teachings. This survey class will give you an excellent New Testament literacy!

3. Ministry 101 (3 Credits)

Ministry is the lifeblood of a Christian minister. You learn the basics of minister leadership.

4. People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)

A Christian minister ordination program that does not focus on people smart misses critical training issues. Ministry is about people. This class will help you thrive in your ministry people skills.

5. Church and Ministry (3 Credits)

You will get an overview of relevant ministry competencies like doing a wedding or a funeral. You will learn how to lead someone to Christ. You will learn about small groups that are essential for holding Bible studies. This class brings you many insights that make the Christian Minister ordination filled with credibility.

6. Leadership (3 Credits)

This class will not disappoint you. You will learn the essentials of leadership as a Christian Minister.

7. Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 Credits)

An ordained Christian minister will do pastoral care. This course covers that base. Plus, there will be teaching content that focuses on marriage. This course will be helpful for your ministry to those newly married or in struggling marriages.

8. Church History (4 Credits)

Learn about the 2000 years of church history. This course is essential for being a minister. Many in the community have little understanding of the issues the church has faced over the centuries. The church has been around longer than any business or government. Find out why!

Fifth, Enroll in the Christian Minister class.

You will update your profile and order your optional physical credentials. You will be included free of charge in the international Christian Leaders Alliance global directory.