Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

Have you been asked to officiate a wedding? Many Christians have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony. The options for getting your license or ordination to legally perform a wedding ceremony can be complicated for a Christian.

Christian Leaders Alliance offers a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant credential from a Christian worldview. This program is connected to our kingdom ministers program.

Plan on completing the program in 5-10 hours.

Christian Leaders Alliance Option – Free Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

Christian Leaders Alliance offers you a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant course appropriate for your situation. This Kingdom Minister Role offers free training through the Christian Leaders Institute.  The free training is provided by generous Christian vision partners who believe in the cause of free ministry training for called Christians.

You are required to be recommended by one person as a person of Christian character.

Your profile will also appear on the Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy Directory. Local government officials can look your name up as licensed or ordained to perform a wedding ceremony.

You can purchase an official Licensed Wedding Officiant Recognition Package.

Free Licensed Christian Wedding  Officiant Training – Steps

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program (1 Credit)

This Kingdom Minister role is perfect for the Christian who is asked to do a wedding or who wants to try this role out before committing to an extensive program of study at Christian Leaders Institute. After compete the study and recommendation requirement, you are given a license to officiate a wedding.

Welcome to substantial ministry training!

Step One – Enroll at Christian Leaders Insititute – Complete the Wedding Getting Started to be A Wedding Officiant This introduction class takes less 1/2 hour to complete. This class familiarizes you with the ministry training process through Christian Leaders Alliance utilizing classes from Christian Leaders Institute.

Step Two -Complete the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Skills Course (1 Credit)

This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Skills class teaches you the best practices of being a wedding officiant from a Christian perspective.  This class will take between 5-10 hours to complete.

Step Three – Complete the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Class (0 Credits)

You will create your public profile.

You must also receive one recommendation from someone in your life that you are a Christian character. You may also complete this requirement by having level one endorsement at Christian Leaders Institute.

After you complete all the class activities, you will be licensed to officiate a wedding with the Christian Leaders Alliance. You may purchase your Wedding Officiant official package. You will appear in the global clergy directory.

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