Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

Have you been asked to officiate a wedding? Many Christians have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony. The options for getting your license or ordination to legally perform a wedding ceremony can be complicated for a Christian. Christian Leaders Alliance offers a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course from a Christian worldview.

Online Legal Paperwork Option

There are websites that will give you an instant ordination or license to you. These websites define ordination or licensure in the way someone wants to define it. You can worship Satan or worship God, both can be ordained or licensed by most of these websites. There is no statement of faith that is based on the Bible. Many people call this an online Ordination Scam because it is really about ordering a piece of paper.

The small amount of training offered is insubstantial. The worldview is not Christian, and the training is not based on the Bible. The business model is to sell you legal paperwork that is needed in many states.

This option is easy to do, and millions, even Christians, do it. Many who do these options regret it when friends at the wedding say things like, “Did you order your ordination papers online?” And you laugh to minimize the insult.

Christian Leaders Alliance Option – Free Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

Christian Leaders Alliance offers you a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant course appropriate for your situation. This program offers free training classes through the Christian Leaders Institute.  The free training is provided by generous Christian vision partners who believe in the cause of free ministry training for called Christians.

You are required to be recommended by one person as a person of Christian character. Then, you will receive free online “digital credentials”.

You can print out the digital award document at the Christian Leaders Institute credential panel. Your profile will also appear on the Christian Leaders Alliance International Directory. Local government officials can look your name up as one who is licensed or ordained to perform a wedding ceremony.

Many local governments authorities require that officiants show official physical proof of their license to officiate before performing a wedding ceremony. Order all necessary documents for an administration fee from the Christian Leaders Institute credential panel.

When someone asks at the wedding if you ordered you ordination online, now you can say, “Yes, but there was a substantial study program process and a recommendation was required. This process is very different from purchasing an online license or ordination.”

Free Licensed Christian Wedding  Officiant Training – The Program

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program (4 Credits)

This program is perfect for the Christian who is asked to do a wedding or who wants to try this role out before committing to an extensive program of study at Christian Leaders Institute. This program includes only four credits to complete. At the conclusion of this program, you are given a license to officiate a wedding.

Free Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

Welcome to substantial ministry training!

Step One – Enroll at Christian Leaders Insititute – Complete the free getting started orientation Christian Leaders Institute class. This introduction class takes only a few hours. This class familiarizes you with the ministry training process at the Christian Leaders Institute and introduces you to some professors. You will learn the vision of Christian Leaders Ministries.

Step Two – Finish the Christian Leaders Connection Class –  This class is your orientation to Christian Leaders Ministry Training at Christian Leaders Institute. The Christian Leaders Connection Class should take you five to seven hours to complete. This class makes available to you over 50 free ministry training and enterprise training classes. There are many award programs. If you are interested in our fee-based collegiate credit program, you can enroll at Christian Leaders College.

Step Three – Take the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant class selects some of the training you would get from college-level classes at the Christian Leaders Institute. It makes those topics available for you to be trained in this Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program. The classes will take between 5-10 hours to complete. You must receive one recommendation from someone in your life that you are a person of Christian character.

After you complete all the activities of this class you will be licensed to officiate a wedding with the Christian Leaders Alliance and you will appear in the global Christian Leaders Alliance directory.

Clergy Certification at CLA

Clergy Certification

My name is Sergunawathi Brenn (Guna), and I am excited to get my clergy certification with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Growing up, I never really gave it much thought about the critical role an officiant played. Even at my wedding, I did not consider it much as it was the norm, a requirement to have one.

Weddings in India

All marriages occur through the Registrar of Marriages office. Otherwise, the official goes to the venue of your choice at an extra cost to conduct the rites. It is so rigid. Even a smile to create a memorable moment is lost in the detachment of genuine emotions by the officiant.

Therefore, it is a culture to have two ‘weddings’ here:

The traditional wedding, according to ethnicity and religion, is usually lavish and celebrated with family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. At an Indian wedding, strangers, poor, and homeless especially receive welcome for true blessings.

The official and legal wedding is usually like “an engagement” rather than an “actual” wedding. It is amongst family and close friends.

Finding CLI and Clergy Certification with CLA

Since my recommitment to walk with the Lord, it is a blessing to serve Him in many ways. When the Christian Leaders Institute announced the Clergy certification with CLA, I knew that God was at work. For a while now, I wanted my children to have a different experience than I did in the marriage ceremony. It would be an honor to be part of the journey of love, inspired by God, who will lead these couples to an endearing marriage. Now, I can with the clergy certification!

It is a gift and a privilege to have this opportunity at no cost! I can’t wait to continue with intermediate and advanced studies in Ministry Award and progress to the Bachelor at CLI. I have learned so much. The training has been instrumental to my relationship with God, my family, and in my service for His kingdom. Blessings!

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

Christian Officiant for Weddings

Christian Officiant

Shalom in Christ! My name is Long Qin (Aaron), and I am excited to become a Christian Wedding officiant with CLA. Born and raised in the mainland of China, now I live in Los Angeles and also serve in my local church. The journey of my faith is full of God’s Grace. May the Lord receive all the glory and bless the testimony I share.

Exchange Student Saved by Grace

In 2012, I came to the USA for the first time. I was a student scholar for cultural exchange in Williamsburg, VA. The things I experienced in that place amazingly changed my life. Williamsburg is a charming and old city, where you rarely see Asian people. But one day, I was invited to a party through a phone call. What intrigued me is that a Chinese sister from the local Baptist church asked me to a Chinese party at the very moment when I felt so homesick. At that party, I started to know Jesus. After Bible Study for a few months, I amazingly encountered the Lord Himself through prayer. After a while, I received baptism as a child of God’s Big Family. Then, I went back to China to finish college after about a half year.

Challenges in China

When I came back to China, I miraculously started a college student fellowship. We also have been through hard times, including political threats, college warnings, and spiritual warfare. But, as Paul says in 2 Cor 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Whenever we are inclined to quit, the Lord Himself speaks to us that His faithfulness and promises never fail. God always encouraged us to continue His work. Praise the Lord, the fellowship survived! Two years later, I was sent by the church to be a missionary. Two and a half years more, I started my seminary training in Los Angeles.

Becoming a Christian Wedding Officiant with CLA

The reason why I want to be a Christian Wedding Officiant is that I think it is an opportunity for me to prepare myself even though I am not married yet. Most importantly, I have many friends who are young people and never had a Christian wedding before. God called me into the young adult ministry as I also have a heart for the young people. May I be a tool for God to use to bless those young people!

After taking this class at the Christian Leaders Institute, I discovered that it is also an excellent way to evangelize people through weddings. I never thought about that before. What attracted me is that this class is so hands-on and practical. I believe even those who do not know about scheduling a wedding before can easily apply and practice through this class. I am grateful for those hard workers designing this fantastic program. May the Lord bless the ministry of the Christian Leaders Ministries: the Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Alliance, and Christian Leaders College. May God honor what CLI has done for Him.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

Ordained and Licensed Minister

ordained and licensed minister

My name is Robert McIntyre, an ordained and licensed minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. My wife is Deb McIntyre, a truly wonderful woman. We have four adult children, two granddaughters, and a grandson. We live in Central Indiana in the United States of America.

There was a neighborhood lady when I was growing up that held weekly Bible study for the children in the neighborhood. I was among the children that attended. When I was eight or nine years old, I remember talking with her about accepting Jesus as my Savoir. During college, I explored different religions and churches. I finally received baptism as an adult after a great deal of prayer, tears, study, and conversation.

My Ministry Service

I have served as a lay minister for Mount Pleasant Christian Church (Greenwood, IN) at three different Extended Care Facilities since 2006 (I currently am still serving one). I have learned much serving those who have done so much for so many throughout their lives. Everyone has their own story, and each one of them is important to God.

I also served at Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in downtown Indianapolis in a variety of roles. I planned worship services along with some incredibly gifted and talented people. Working with them taught me much. I served as a Deacon, Vice Moderator, Worship Team Leader, Worship Leader, Sound Board Technician, and even used a jackhammer to help tear up an old sidewalk. God is using this fantastic group of people to reach out in Christ’s love to all.

I served as the President of the Mid-North Church Council in Indianapolis, Indiana, for three years. “The mission of the Mid-North Church Council is to foster greater cooperation and collective efforts in the common ministry of the member churches; and, upon consensus of the members, to advocate for public policy and social services which promote and maintain a peaceful, just, and viable neighborhood and community.”

My Current Ministry

I am the minister at the Metamora Church of Christ in Metamora, Indiana. It is a rural community where many churches are serving the Lord. There are genuinely many beautiful people in the community. I had volunteered to occasionally fill their pulpit while they looked for a new minister. The first time I preached, they ask if I could come back the next week. They asked the next week and the week again after that. Eventually, after much prayer (both on their part and mine), they asked me if I would serve as their minister. They have been wonderful to serve and a tremendous blessing. I am incredibly grateful to be able to serve God and His people in Metamora.

Ministry Training at CLI

I could not afford to attend seminary and also did not have the resources to be a full-time student. I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute and was immediately captivated by the idea of being able to do courses online and at my own pace, all for free. CLI has a well thought out curriculum that encourages me to complete course work that I might not have otherwise. I find the courses that I initially had no interest in very useful and informative. I am better equipped to serve because of them. The free ministry training has helped lay a solid foundation for my ministry.

The coursework I have taken helps me as I prepare sermons, gives me better insight into people, a richer understanding of church history, and a better comprehension of theology. I look forward to learning more through the courses I have yet to take. They will enrich my ministry.

I completed my Bachelor of Divinity Degree on March 11, 2020. It is a dream come true.

Ordained Deacon Minister and Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

I desired ordination into the Christian Ministry for some time. Conversations with the leadership at Metamora turned into an opportunity to be ordained there. To ensure that I had the “academic” qualifications for ordination, I began the Christian Leaders Ordination Class to find out.

The additional training on ordination and the comprehensive exams on Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Theology has given me the confirmation I was seeking. My ordination by the Metamora Church of Christ was on June 5, 2016. It followed my receiving the Deacon Minister Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance in the 2nd semester of 2016. Being an ordained and licensed minister permits me to serve better those that I have been called to serve as their Minister and Pastor.

Currently, I am in the process of taking the necessary steps to be a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant to perform community weddings to extend the ministry of our congregation. Serving God in Indiana is where I am supposed to be. Pray for revival.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.