Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

Have you been asked to officiate a wedding? Many Christians have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony. The options for getting your license or ordination to legally perform a wedding ceremony can be complicated for a Christian. Christian Leaders Alliance offers a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course from a Christian worldview.

Online Legal Paperwork Option

There are websites that will give you an instant ordination or license to you. These websites define ordination or licensure in the way someone wants to define it. You can worship Satan or worship God, both can be ordained or licensed by most of these websites. There is no statement of faith that is based on the Bible. Many people call this an online Ordination Scam because it is really about ordering a piece of paper.

The small amount of training offered is insubstantial. The worldview is not Christian, and the training is not based on the Bible. The business model is to sell you legal paperwork that is needed in many states.

This option is easy to do, and millions, even Christians, do it. Many who do these options regret it when friends at the wedding say things like, “Did you order your ordination papers online?” And you laugh to minimize the insult.

Christian Leaders Alliance Option – Free Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

Christian Leaders Alliance offers you a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant course appropriate for your situation. This program offers free training classes through the Christian Leaders Institute.  The free training is provided by generous Christian vision partners who believe in the cause of free ministry training for called Christians.

You are required to be recommended by one person as a person of Christian character. Then, you will receive free online “digital credentials”.

You can print out the digital award document at the Christian Leaders Institute credential panel. Your profile will also appear on the Christian Leaders Alliance International Directory. Local government officials can look your name up as one who is licensed or ordained to perform a wedding ceremony.

Many local governments authorities require that officiants show official physical proof of their license to officiate before performing a wedding ceremony. Order all necessary documents for an administration fee from the Christian Leaders Institute credential panel.

When someone asks at the wedding if you ordered you ordination online, now you can say, “Yes, but there was a substantial study program process and a recommendation was required. This process is very different from purchasing an online license or ordination.”

Free Licensed Christian Wedding  Officiant Training – The Program

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program (4 Credits)

This program is perfect for the Christian who is asked to do a wedding or who wants to try this role out before committing to an extensive program of study at Christian Leaders Institute. This program includes only four credits to complete. At the conclusion of this program, you are given a license to officiate a wedding.

Free Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

Welcome to substantial ministry training!

Step One – Enroll at Christian Leaders Insititute – Complete the free getting started orientation Christian Leaders Institute class. This introduction class takes only a few hours. This class familiarizes you with the ministry training process at the Christian Leaders Institute and introduces you to some professors. You will learn the vision of Christian Leaders Ministries.

Step Two – Finish the Christian Leaders Connection Class –  This class is your orientation to Christian Leaders Ministry Training at Christian Leaders Institute. The Christian Leaders Connection Class should take you five to seven hours to complete. This class makes available to you over 50 free ministry training and enterprise training classes. There are many award programs. If you are interested in our fee-based collegiate credit program, you can enroll at Christian Leaders College.

Step Three – Take the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course

This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant class selects some of the training you would get from college-level classes at the Christian Leaders Institute. It makes those topics available for you to be trained in this Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program. The classes will take between 5-10 hours to complete. You must receive one recommendation from someone in your life that you are a person of Christian character.

After you complete all the activities of this class you will be licensed to officiate a wedding with the Christian Leaders Alliance and you will appear in the global Christian Leaders Alliance directory.

Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant

Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant
Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant

Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant: I’ll Sing of God’s Love

This study journey has been a fantastic journey so far, and it’s only the beginning! As a Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant, I will now be able to conduct pre-marital counseling, conduct weddings officially, and even do marriage counseling for the newlyweds. When my husband and I got married, we heard that if we could survive the first year, we’d make it. It wasn’t as dramatic as people made it sound. However, many new things happen in the first year of marriage. There are very many “firsts.”

The free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute has been a blessing. It caused me to examine myself and my role in my marriage and ensure that I measured up with the word of God. Now, coupled with my experience, I will not just encourage and advise couples. I can help them mentally, spiritually, and emotionally prepare to be united as one.

Furthermore, I’m excited that I can use this training to share with the youth and young adults that my husband and I mentor. First of all, we can better explain God’s way of getting to know someone in a relationship. Second, we share with them how to build a connection on the solid foundation of God’s word. Finally, we help them know how to determine when they are mature enough to even think about marriage.

Ministry Growth and Opportunity

My mentor and my husband have been essential in supporting me throughout this training and time of growth. Miss Margo Williams has been a guiding light and a gentle nudge when needed. Every word from her mouth is from the Holy Spirit in regards to my purpose and my path.

My husband is a wonderful man of God, who is supportive, loving, patient, and understanding. He is the reason I love being married. He’s my best friend and the person I come to for wise advice when I need to make tough decisions. Even while engaged, we were always looked at as an example of what a couple could be. We share with people all the time that we are not perfect. There are ups and downs, but more than that, we have God’s love and blessing on our union. Therefore, I can share much more as a Christian Licensed Wedding officiant with Christian Leaders Alliance. I’m excited to contribute to and support the future of brides and grooms as they walk down the path of marriage.

Please, pray that I stay in tune with the word of God and God’s will and design for marriage. Pray that I am a source of encouragement as well as truth and healing. I want to ensure that couples enter into the covenant of marriage confident, well informed, and excited knowing that they have support and prayers. Pray that I’m able to bring them closer to Christ and maintain contact with them after the honeymoon is over, and the real work begins. I’m excited to teach them how to find other Godly married couples to spend time with and learn a complete lifestyle change. May I show them how to be a shining light of God’s love.

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

My name is Michelle Yvonne Wren-Thoreson. I am 51 years old and just got married to the man that God brought into my life. We were married on the 8th of September in 2018 at the Highway 2 Heaven Bible Church. Now, inspired by our wedding, I have completed the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant at CLI.

I grew up going to a Christian grade school in northern Illinois with a significant transition to public school for Jr High and High School. That was a major cultural shock! I did not grow up with Christian values. I endured physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. My parents were divorced when I was three years old, and my father remarried later that same year with my mother remarrying four years later. I grew up not liking myself and constantly doubting myself. Constant criticism and put down made me feel that I could never do anything right.

I grew up as a Baptist. But, once I was on my own, I turned away from the church. I never had a good role model in Christianity. Since then, I have found my way back to God! I rededicated my life and got baptized on Easter Sunday in 2018.

Finding free ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute, that was and is a Godsend. Now, I have completed the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant course. Currently, I am taking the Deacon Ministry Ordination course. My next goal is the Women’s Ministry Ordination courses. I desire to help my husband in ministry work for our Lord Jesus Christ. Then, we can both grow in the Lord while helping others.

Learn about ordination and ordained minister study programs at the Christian Leaders Alliance.