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Embark on your ordination journey with Christian Leaders Alliance. Join us to pursue ministerial training and recognized credentials for impactful ministry.

Increase your competence, confidence, and credibility.

Take your ministry skills to the next level with top-notch courses with globally recognized licensed and ordained minister roles.

Pursue more ministry training and minister credentials. You will be advancing the Kingdom, making disciples who multiply God’s love worldwide.

Learn and Grow

Christian Leaders Alliance Minister Program 

Gain access to over 150+ free courses that are made possible by generous donors. Courses on officiating a wedding or funeral, pastoral care, preaching, chaplaincy, life coaching, youth ministry, and more!

We offer Six primary roles in our Diakonos series, matching your calling and gifts. Each role can be specialized with over 30 options.

A Multiplication Movement

Spread the gospel everywhere. Be a multiplier. 

Join a network of 4,500+ locally credentialed volunteer, part-time and full-time ministers in over 95 countries.

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Is the Christian Leaders Alliance Minister Program Right For You?

The core requirement is that you are trained and credentialed to officiate a wedding. This core program can be completed in 5-10 hours. You will need one local endorsement for the completion of this program.

This program is designed for those who may be serving as volunteer ministers in a local church. This program can be completed in about one to two months. You will need one endorsement for this program

This programs is for those called to help people discern and develop goals to further glorify God in their lives. This program can be completed in 3 months. You will need two local endorsements.

This training includes a range of essential ministry skills needed by a minister. This program is ideal for those who desire to serve as volunteer ministers in their community or church. This program’s core requirements can be completed in 4 months. Two local endorsements are required.

A licensed ministry chaplain brings the presence of Christ to specific community organizations like Police, Fire Departments, senior care facilities, and clubs. This program’s core requirements can be completed in 6 months. Two local endorsements are required.

This program gives deeper knowledge and the skills needed to confidently serve in ministry. It is ideal for those seeking to serve part-time or full-time as a minister. This program is typically completed in 6 months of part-time consistent study. Three local endorsements are required for this program.

Specializations will help you make an even more significant impact on your ministry. If you complete a core program, you then can take more training to specialize in different areas like prayer, chaplaincy, men’s or women’s ministry youth ministry, Bible study leading, preaching, and more.

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