Kingdom Partners Directory

This directory consists of ministries where one or more CLA members are serving. The directory is for informational purposes only. The ministries listed have communicated agreement with the Christian Leaders’ statement of faith. Listing in this directory does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any ministry by Christian Leaders Ministry, Christian Leaders Alliance, Christian Leaders College, or Christian Leaders Institute. The participants of this directory have diverse backgrounds, locations, denominations, and types of ministries.  Ministries listed in the directory are not affiliated with or partners of Christian Leaders. In addition, the CLA member must go through a listing application process and yearly renewal.

Christian Leaders Alliance Headquarters

Photo of Christian Leaders Alliance Headquarters
Contact: Henry Reyenga Location 17771 West Spring Lake Rd Spring Lake MI 40456 United States Website: Christian Leaders Institute Homepage

As a global religious society or denomination, Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is an ecuministry organization that serves credentialed ministers who serve in ministry in our clergy network.

An ecuministry religious organization allows its credentialed ministers to hold dual minister credentials. So, for example, someone can be credentialed with the Christian Leaders Alliance and have standing in another denomination or religious society.

CLA has developed a program for ministers in different ordination roles. All roles are ordained clergy roles, but we reference different statuses to reflect the different training levels and numbers of endorsements.

Thousands of Officiants Commended, Licensed, and Ordained and Coaching ministers now make up the clergy ordination network. See Minister Directory