An Ordained Officiant Minister has the opportunity to bless families that want God to be part of their events. That event may be a wedding, a funeral or baptism. The ordained officiant minister also has the opportunity to receive income to support his/her family. One officiant minister may seek only part-time income. Another one may want to serve their community full-time.

Some officiant ministers serve out of a local church and make their work a community ministry of outreach. One church, for instance, offered their sanctuary to the community for free ceremonies. An ordained officiant stepped forward to represent the local church. Many non-church going couples wanted to get married in that beautiful church building. The officiant was paid by the couple, so she provided for her family’s needs. The church won because non-churched couples were introduced to the ministries of the church. Couples were encouraged to receive pre-marriage counseling at the church to use the building free of charge. Most chose that option. Many stayed to worship at that church.

Christian Leaders Alliance partners with its sister ministry, the Christian Leaders Institute to bring called leaders an officiant training program. 

This one credit hour class is perfect for called Christian leaders who are sensing the call to do specialized ministry in their local community serving as an officiant minister. Historically, officiant ministers were ordained so as to communicate to participants the sacred nature of the event. 

Ordained Officiant Minister

As an Officiant Minister, your training can be for the following roles and more:

Wedding Ceremony Minister                         Dedication/Baptism Minister
Funeral Minister
Officiant at Community Events

Christian Leaders Institute has designed this Officiant Ordination Certificate to be a designation that brings you credibility for your ministry as an officiant. The Officiant Ordination is for those who have completed the following courses, as each course has specific training appropriate for Officiants:

  • Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connection (4 credits)
  • Christian Basics (3 credits)
  • Pastoral Care and Marriage: (3 credits)
  • People Smart for Ministry (3 credits)
  • Church and Ministry: (3 credits)
  • Deacon Minister Ordination (1 Credit)

Total 17 Credit Hours

Officiant Ordination Certificates are popular online certificates. Most of those certificates have little or no ministry training associated with them. You just need to order them and pay the required amount. Christian Leaders Institue will give you the free training you need.

Ordained Officiant Minister Credentialling Process

Christian Leaders Alliance and Christian Leaders Institute work together to provide a simple but effective process for credentialling a Christian leader to be an ordained officiant minister in a local community.

Step 1: Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute. Finish the first two classes, Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connections (4 credits) and Christian Basics (3 credits).

Step 2: Enroll in the Deacon Minister Ordination Class (1). This class explains ordination, including women’s ordination. In this class, you must provide three endorsements from your local community of faith that you are walking with God, a person of character, and one gifted for minister ordination.

Step 3: That local community of faith holds an ordination ceremony recognizing and commending you as an ordained deacon minister.

Step 4: You continue on with your studies at Christian Leaders Institute until you have reached the required studies to receive the Ordained Officiant Minister Certificate. You can order all your official papers at that time. The costs are minimal.

After these three steps, you will be an ordained Officiant Minister who has the training and confidence to serve his/her community.

You can learn about Ecuministry Ordination.