Licensed Clergy Program

Licensed Clergy Program

Are you a called Christian with minimal time but willing to still prepare for ministry leadership?

This Clergy Program is designed to launch new Christian Leaders into service as licensed clergy. This minister clergy program is suited for volunteer or bi-vocational officiants or ministers.

This program invites Christians who are called into ministry and need a free ministry study program that includes college-level courses for the licensed program.


  • Study program that gives you the essentials needed for licensed clergy status.
  • The program includes a recommendation feature that gives more credibility to your ministry.
  • The clergy status identities you as a committed Christian Leader in your community and opens doors for your impact.
  • You will have more confidence and competence to offer ministry
  • The ministry training courses are free and the licensed clergy credentials only require a small fee.

This licensed clergy opportunity has been accessed by hundreds of Christian Leaders. Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute to start your studies. The first licensed clergy role is Christian wedding Officiant and that can be completed in less than two weeks.

Christian Leaders Alliance is committed to launching more Christian leaders into credible ministry. Check out the online directory that reflects the licensed or ordained ministers that have completed study programs and received recommendations to be commissioning into ministry.

Stories of Licensed Clergy

Trained Wedding Officiant

Trained Wedding Officiant Licensed with CLA

I am Matthew Reavis, a licensed healthcare provider in a small, rural town in North Carolina, USA. I am blessed with a loving wife and the happiest small son. Currently, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to become a trained, licensed…
Candidate for a Licensed Wedding Officiant

Candidate for Licensed Wedding Officiant

My name is Jerry D. Hollingsworth, Ed.D. I am from Bandera, Texas, USA. The Christian Leaders Institute offers free ministry training online (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I am a candidate to be a licensed Christian Wedding…
Licensed Wedding Officiant Courses

Licensed Wedding Officiant Courses

God's Plan My name is Jeremy Algozzine, and I studied the licensed wedding officiant courses at the Christian Leaders Institute to officiate my brother's wedding (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I am a husband and step-father.…
Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry as a Wedding Officiant

God has called me to a marriage ministry. As a licensed Christian wedding officiant, I can share the joy of marriage in Christ with others. I learned so much in the wedding officiant classes at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about…
License as a Ministry Chaplain

License as a Ministry Chaplain

My name is Romé Malan. I have a loving husband, four amazing children, and two precious grandchildren. I am a Fire Fighter, BLS Paramedic, and an Emergency Response Chaplain. At the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible…
Free Wedding Officiant Course

Free Wedding Officiant Course

My name is David Weirich. I am honored to complete the free Wedding Officiant course through the Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance. God calls me to love and serve others. The wedding officiant course prepares me to lead…
License to Officiate

License to Officiate a Wedding

Obtaining my license to officiate a wedding with the Christian Leaders Alliance will allow me to offer myself to couples wishing to get married. It will also allow me to build a relationship with the couples, friends, and family. Through those…
Trained Licensed Wedding officiant

Trained Licensed Wedding Officiant

My name is Jennifer Mitchell, and I am pleased to be a trained, licensed wedding officiant. I answered my calling to ministry three years ago after the Lord called me three years prior. At first, I ignored my calling. I thought there was no…
Ministry Chaplain

Ministry Chaplain License

In the Beginning My name is Elias Ocasio, and I am excited to get licensed as a Ministry Chaplain with the Christian Leaders Alliance. I am also thankful for the formal ministry training with the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about…
Ordained Minister and Chaplain

Ordained Minister and Chaplain: Come to CLI!

If you have stumbled upon my testimony, it is no accident. My name is Gwendolen Song. I want to invite you on the greatest journey of a lifetime—being a child of the King of Glory and then taking that challenge to the next level by studying…