Licensed Clergy Program

Licensed Clergy Program

Are you a called Christian with minimal time but willing to still prepare for ministry leadership?

This Clergy Program is designed to launch new Christian Leaders into service as licensed clergy. This minister clergy program is suited for volunteer or bi-vocational officiants or ministers.

This program invites Christians who are called into ministry and need a free ministry study program that includes college-level courses for the licensed program.


  • Study program that gives you the essentials needed for licensed clergy status.
  • The program includes a recommendation feature that gives more credibility to your ministry.
  • The clergy status identities you as a committed Christian Leader in your community and opens doors for your impact.
  • You will have more confidence and competence to offer ministry
  • The ministry training courses are free and the licensed clergy credentials only require a small fee.

This licensed clergy opportunity has been accessed by hundreds of Christian Leaders. Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute to start your studies. The first licensed clergy role is Christian wedding Officiant and that can be completed in less than two weeks.

Christian Leaders Alliance is committed to launching more Christian leaders into credible ministry. Check out the online directory that reflects the licensed or ordained ministers that have completed study programs and received recommendations to be commissioning into ministry.

Stories of Licensed Clergy

ordained evangelist calling

Ordained Evangelist Calling

Greetings! My name is James F. Crank. I currently reside in Noble, Oklahoma. Having an ordained evangelist calling from God, I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute for Ministry Training and the Christian Leaders Alliance for Ordination…
serve as a wedding officiant

Serve as a Wedding Officiant

My name is Carol Jones, and I am grateful to be a part of the Christian Leaders community! I am eager to serve as a Christian Wedding Officiant now that I am licensed. The Holy Spirit has placed a burden on my heart to serve and encourage…
Christian Wedding Officiant Credential

Christian Wedding Officiant Credential

My name is Lou Caro, a loving husband to Lorrain for 25+ years, a proud father of three, and a retired U.S. Marine. After being asked to officiate a wedding, I found the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance. The Christian wedding officiant…
Becoming a Wedding officiant

Becoming a Wedding Officiant

My name is Sheila Bernard. Since I first began my journey with the Christian Leaders Institute in 2016, a lot has transpired in my life. It required that I put my education on hold. Recently, I looked into becoming a Christian wedding officiant…
marriage ministry call

Marriage Ministry Call

I am Sharvone Grant from the Turks and Caicos Islands. Having a marriage ministry call, I wanted minister training and credentialing. Then, I found the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance online with free ministry courses and credentialing. My…
Officiant License

Officiant License with CLA

My Experience with the Christian Leaders Alliance My daughter and her fiancé asked me to officiate at their wedding. I already have had many roles within our church congregation. Therefore, I have ministered to our brothers and sisters in…
ordained chaplain and life coach

Ordained Chaplain and Life Coach

My name is Adeline Oh, and I am a missionary along with my husband. The licensed wedding officiant is the first step on my journey at the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance. Being ordained as a Chaplain and Life Coach are my next steps. My…
wedding officiant credentialing

Wedding Officiant Credentialing

My name is Melanie. God has called me to be a wife and a mother. Recently, my cousin asked me to officiate her wedding. I found the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance for Wedding Officiant training and credentialing. My Story - God's…
credentialed wedding officiant

Credentialed Wedding Officiant

I am Bob Willbanks, a loving husband to my wife, Barb, father to three sons, stepdad to two others, and grandparent of six wonderful grandkids. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to become a licensed wedding officiant, credentialed…
Licensed wedding officiant credential

Licensed Wedding Officiant Credential

Hi all! I am Marina Nel. Currently living in New Zealand, but born in South Africa. Therefore, my home language is Afrikaans. I am excited to study for my licensed wedding officiant credential at the Christian Leaders Institute. I gave my…