Maclellan Family of Foundations Connection

Christian Leaders Ministries:  May 28, 2019

1. Discipleship Alignment

Christian Leaders Ministries aligns with the calling, passion, and values of the Maclellan call for worldwide discipleship. We offer individual Christians within their community to become well trained Christian leaders who will do ministry at local churches, plant new churches, and reach their community through missional ministry.

Like the Maclellan Foundation, we cherish an opportunity to set a new identity in Jesus and to see these individuals worshipping together in a unified local church.

2. Strategy Alignment of Global Reach and the Evangelization of the World

Together we share a common goal to build and mobilize an “apostolic” Christian leaders movement. By “apostolic”, we see how the early leaders of Christianity raised up leaders in cities, villages, rural townships, and islands. These Christian leaders are mobilized in every rank and from different positions in life.

In 110 AD, Pliny the Younger wrote to Roman imperial emperor Trajan that Christianity is spreading. Pliny spoke of Christianity as a contagion putting the pagan in danger of becoming a Christian,

The number of those that are in danger; for there are many of every age, of every rank, and of both sexes, who are now and hereafter likely to be called to account, and to be in danger; for this superstition is spread like a contagion, not only into cities and towns, but into country villages also.

The Maclellan family and the Christian Leaders Ministries both realize that the stakes are high and Christianity will change the world as Christian leaders are mobilized.

3. Technology Usage for Raising Evangelism of Leaders from Every Rank

Christian Leaders Ministries and Maclellan Christian warriors realize that more jets are needed to support the gospel ground war.

Since Christian Leaders Ministries was founded in 2001. Our founding team members, the late Rich DeVos, Henry Reyenga, and Ron Parr, were committed to the usage of technology that was targeted to raising up more leaders while benefiting from the field costs of onfield mission expense.

Christian Leaders Ministries delivers a complete ministry training highway including over 70 courses, 50 different Biblical professors, all reading materials and quizzes that can be assessed and completed on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Because the technology is efficient the classes are offered for free. The students are grateful for access to free quality education. Many are happy to give back and make a donation. No one who has an internet connection is left behind if they need and want ministry training.

The efficiency of this technology makes raising leaders scalable at a level never before seen on earth. The need for expatriate ministry training expense is now seriously reduced. As Bibles are largely available on smartphone, in the same way, the Christian Leaders Institute provides complete ministry training classes using technology.

Christian Leaders Ministries is the “Facebook” of global ministry training. Speaking of Facebook. 4.8 rating. 

4. Developing Leaders

Christian Leaders exists to raise up more leaders. This value has many applications.

a. Well trained Christian leaders reproduce Christianity.

Each trained and mobilized Christian leader will lead others in their walk of faith.

  • Christian Leaders Institute provides free generosity supported ministry training.
  • Christian Leaders College provides College Credentials for those that need them or want them.
  • Christian Leaders Alliance provides a local ordination structure that includes ministry training study, local church leader’s endorsements, and global recognition.

b. Local Volunteer Christian Leaders Acceleration

The early church was largely a volunteer organization where local ministers were mostly volunteers. Christian Leaders Ministries sees this as a sustainable model for the global expansion of Christianity. While the training at Christian Leaders is similar to accredited Bible Schools and Christian Colleges, our goal is to raise up a high-quality volunteer (bi-vocational) leader.

c. Ordination and Volunteer Christian Leaders.

In 2014, Christian Leaders Ministries formed the Christian Leaders Alliance. This daughter ministry specializes in local ordinations. Ordinarily, ordination has been reserved for the professional clergy. At Christian Leaders Alliance, legitimate ordination is available to the volunteer local ministry.  We also have ordained mentors everywhere. 

d. The Forming of National and Regional Councils

A critical mass of local ministers has been trained and ordained. In countries and regions all over the world, initiatives are developing indigenous leaders who are gathering to give local volunteer governance for the movement in that region or country. This is a 2019 goal to develop this pooling for Christian Leaders Ministries trained Christian Leaders.

5. Prayer and Scripture Shared Value

Over ten thousand graduates and students are connected through the Christian Leaders Network who share local encouragement and prayer. We have a prayer team that prays both for the Christian Leaders Ministries and local Christian leaders connected to us.

We also have a Statement of Faith that could be characterized as “reformed evangelical” (See the enclosed statement of faith). The Maclellan Covenant is powerful!

6. Generosity-Driven Model of Funding and Organization Sustainability

Since 2013, Christian Leaders Institute began asking students and graduates to participate in raising funds. Student and graduate giving have gone from $47,000 in 2013 to over $500,000 in 2018. This year we are projecting over $600,000. In other words, student giving has increased by ten times in the last five years. We have prioritized this effort. Currently, we receive more giving income from African students than the cost of the program in Africa.

This asking is part of a developed strategy called the “Vision Partners Program.” Students can participate as copper, bronze, iron, gold, silver, or platinum vision partners. Depending on their giving level, they receive communication on the impact they make and the personal benefits they receive.

Our budget for 2019 is near 1.5 million dollars. Over half of the budget is devoted to developing new materials, classes, and programs. The student giving amount will support the administration and operations of Christian Leaders Ministries.

7. Governing for Growth

Christian Leaders Ministries is governed by a growth-oriented board who stresses verifiable results and statistics.  The board of directors is made up of:

  • Brian Decook
  • Ron Parr
  • David Zillig
  • Debbie Roesch
  • Don Therasse
  • Todd Hazelton
  • Ed Vandunnen
  • Roy Lucas
  • Chris Branoff
  • Henry Reyenga

The board of directors meets two or three times a year to review and develop strategic goals and directives. The board directs a yearly audit from an independent CPA group out of Chicagoland.

Possible Partnerships: Christian Leaders Ministries will send proposals if requested. There is a critical mass of graduates in over 170 countries.

Stories are coming in from Graduates.

From ordained Leaders. 

French Africa

French was our first non-English language. The Rich DeVos Foundation funded this over three years. Core ministry classes were translated by Dr. Paul Mpindi, a French indigenous leader trained at Calvin Seminary.

This program is primed for a much more significant impact.

English Africa

English Africa is growing without accelerating investment. For instance, in South Africa, over 1,000 Christian leaders have graduated with ministry training credentials. Almost 100 have been ordained as ministers with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

With targeted funding, Christian Leaders Ministries and the Maclellan Foundation could significantly increase impact.


The Islands of the world are primed for revival. Jamaica, for instance, has almost 100 graduates. We also have enthusiastic and committed local leaders who are already promoting Christian Leaders Ministries.

Any funding for Jamaica would bring a high impact.

Chinese Christian Leaders Training

Christian Leaders Institute has partnered with China Aid to develop an ever-growing training opportunity. Funding has been directed at strengthening the promotion of a national ministry training highway.

United States

Over ten thousand graduates from every rank are our largest ministry market for both ministry training and ordination.

Example: Greater Atlanta Biblical Initiative.  Christian Leader Ministries is working with the Gabi Family Foundation to increase the impact for Georgia.

We can envision a Chattanooga Initiative that can include all of Tennessee.