Mentor Ministers

Mentor ministers are ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance. These Mentor Ministers have expressed their willingness to mentor Christain Leaders Institute students and graduates in their ministry training. If someone needs to be ordained, these mentor minister will assist if needed.  Each Mentor Minister has gone through the ordination process with Christian Leaders Alliance. This directory is growing and reaching more places.

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Laurie Rowland
Address: 32459
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Inspired by the Word of God as a new believer in her early 20’s Laurie started writing poems and giving them to friends, family, and associates as the Lord would lead as a way to express her faith and love for Jesus

Ministry Journey:

Her ministry dream is to partner with other Christian leaders, ministries, churches and outreach centers to teach, disciple and mentor new Women believers and Women's Christian Leaders. Her passion is the women are fully rooted and grounded in the word in order to avoid going astray or shipwrecking their faith. She has written devotionals for women.

Laurie has a pastor’s heart for women, who were raised in the church but have fallen away, or baby Christians that were not disciplined and never grew their faith. The Lord has put so many of them in them in her path; disillusioned by legalism and “religion” they are hungry for Gospel of truth and grace. She has ministered to women who have been successful in business but found their lives empty.

Jayme Chick
Address: 95831
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Jamyme is passionate about teaching and mentoring others into a vital walk with God. She is also willing to encourage newly Called Christain Leaders to take their next step in ministry.

Ministry Journey:

Jayme became a Christian many years ago while sitting in the quad at my high school. A friend walked over to her, showed her the tract called the "Four Spiritual Laws" and asked her if she knew Christ. It was there that she believed in Christ. Shortly after that, her parents became Christians and her entire family made a decision to follow Christ. Her father is now an ordained pastor and her mother went to Bible College; later becoming a hospital chaplain.

Jayme has served in many ministries over the last 20 plus years, including blogging, children's, hospitality, teaching, speaking, small groups, evangelism, and prayer. She is currently a leader in a growing women's ministry which has many facets including seminars and outreach. Her group is a marketplace group and is dedicated to sharing Christ with women and helping them find wholeness in Him. They have a burden for the underserved; especially women and children. She is passionate about seeing women come out from the bondage of substance abuse, domestic abuse, and self-abuse. She seeks to lead those set free into a life with Christ.

Jamye is ordained as a Commissioned Minister at Christian Leaders Institue. She is willing to encourage others who have been called into ministry. She desires to be a local resource to spread revival to her community.

After being a single mother for a time, she has been happily married to a Godly man for a long time now. Not only does she have four children, but also at least one grandchild.

She has completed over 40 credit hours of ministry training and has been promoting Christian Leaders Institute to others.

Jay Breland
Address: 90706
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Jay's calling is love and invite the lonely, broken, weak, outcast and forgotten to experience the freedom of God's amazing grace.

Ministry Journey:

Jay is called to serve under his pastor to reach his community. His willing and servant's heart is modeled in his ministry.

Breland was born the youngest of 7 in Los Angles, CA in 1975. His parents were married twice, before getting divorced after his own birth. He was raised by his grandmother in Compton, CA

From my early age, Jay realized that God had his hand on him. His grandmother was a Christ-like example that impacted his life as she demonstrated, love compassion, Grace, and wisdom for me. By the age of 12, He sensed the call to ministry.

All was not perfect, however, in his youth. He was armed robbed by gunpoint and or knifepoint at least 5 times yet God intervened each and every single time.

He also developed a pornography habit, that eventually destroyed his own marriage. At age 36, he was divorced and had hit rock bottom.

Jay wrote, "I remember I felt like a failure because my behavior was an embarrassment to God during my marriage. "After the pity party, God once again spoke and said: 'therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus'."

Years later and with God's restoring presence, Jay is now in his early 40s and walking with God. He has been tested and now serving under his local pastor.

He is willing to mentor others who are on the path of ministry.

Roy Lucas
Address: 01519
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Roy's dream is to minister to his community and to maximize his gifts for ministry. God laid on his heart this scripture from Micah 6:8, "He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

Ministry Journey:

Roy was born the seventh of eight children in Wilson County North Carolina and was raised by a single parent (mother) who shared her faith in God with him and my five surviving siblings. His mother would share her Christian belief with all of her children in a non-threating way regardless of her living conditions, whether on top of the mountain or down in the valley she maintained consistency in her faith-walk.

Roy's walk with God has faced many challenges. Though the grace of God he is now a parent of a college-age son. Roy was divorced many years ago, but through the grace of God, he has maintained a gracefilled relationship with the ex wife. They maintain a strong friendship/co-parenting partnership in raising their son.

Roy is employed as a youth and young adult specialist/coordinator. He assists young people with best practices regarding employment and educational pathway opportunities to enhance their personal and professional development.

Roy has been ordained as a deacon minister and serves under Rev. Walter Lucas at Faith Tabernacle Church as Associate Pastor in Worcester, Mass. Roy also serves on the board of directors of Christian Leaders Institute.

Dee Taylor
Address: 30067
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Dee is called to serve those in need of God's grace and to raise up Christian Leaders bring revival to our land.

Ministry Journey:

Davenia "Dee” Taylor has been married for for over 26 years to Mr. Robert Taylor. The have with three daughters, one son and eight grandchildren.

Her family (Mother & Father) moved to Atlanta in 1980. Her family moved from Chicago to Atlanta due to my father being sick with breathing and lungs problems, the Lord granted my father 34 more years of life.

Dee's mother was the first person to receive salvation in the family. Her mother held her own revival services including Dee, brother, and a friend. Dee got save one day while looking at the PTL club. Dee was 17 years old. Though her mother prayed that she would receive the Holy Spirit, Dee struggled having one foot in Christ and the other in the world.

In the course of time, while being a mother, God saved her to live a life worthy of a calling to ministry. God freed her from the use of drugs and her calling for ministry was born in 1991.

Dee found Christian Leaders Institute in 2011, the experience and teaching she received has been a great blessing in her ministry and her life. The Lord put on her heart to become a chaplain. She is passionate about raising up Christian leaders.

John Hall
Address: 56283
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

As John looks around he realizes that we are in desperate need of another revival period. He is open to whatever God has for him.

Ministry Journey:

CLI training has opened doors for John to serve in ways He did not think possible. He have been involved in a small church in a town near where He lives. This church was going to close it’s doors last fall when a group of churches stepped in to provide ministerial and financial support. He has been able to preach there on a monthly basis for several months, have gotten to know several new bothers and sisters in Christ. It is not completely evident what God has planned for that small church, but His timing is perfect.

John was not alway close to God. He had put God on the back burner, and when he needed help, he cried out to Him. About a decade years ago, his first wife passed away. He spent many years mad at God and drinking excessively.

His son pulled him out of the mire and re-introduced me to God. Since that time, John has rededicated his life to Him, and realize now that He is the reason He is here and can do nothing but live His life for God.

Since that time, God has blessed John with a new church family and especially a beautiful new wife. John married Barb in the summer of 2015. She is a true gift from God. Barb has walked with John every step of the way.

John is a commissioned minister at Christian Leaders Alliance and is willing to encourage others to follow God's calling.

George Acevedo Jr.
Address: 06710
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

George has a passion to bring the good news of salvation, and proclaiming the day of the Lord that is to come. He is starting an internet program to proclaim Christ to even more people

Ministry Journey:

George came to know the Lord at the age of 8 with his mother during a Nicky Cruz rally in Ponce, PR back in 1974. Nicky and his father had been friends in their youth. After listening to his testimony, George felt the Lord touching his heart and he asked him to touch my mother’s heart so they could both be saved.

In the course of time, God has brought George back from a severe illness that had him basically on a hospital death bed due to complications of diabetes. He wasn’t following Him. He hadn’t answer his calling. He was running from everything he knew was right. His mother was praying for George. She had the church praying for him too. George got on his knees and prayed too. He asked the Lord to forgive my sins, to restore him. After that the doctor found how to treat him.

George was launched to a new living relationship and calling.George has completed more of the courses at Christian Leaders Institute. He is considering more studies and he is on fire to reach the lost. He is also willing to mentor others on a ministry path.

Richard Donavon Jacobs
Address: 36830
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Affectionately known as "Rev. Donnie”, Rev. Jacobs ministry Dream and Goal is fashioned around his call to proclaim the life changing Power of Jesus the Christ in practical means seen in everyday life. He also desires to provide opportunities for the needs of his "neighbors” to be met.

Ministry Journey:

Richard Donavon Jacobs is originally from Munford, Alabama (U.S.A.) in Talladega County, but currently resides in Auburn, Alabama (U.S.A) He had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home and accept the Lord early in life.

He began studying at Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. He completed many credential levels by 2016, including being ordained as a commissioned minister. He was also ordained locally in his local chruch in their ordination system.

As of January 2016, Rev. Jacobs became the Interim Pastor of the New Popular Springs Missionary Baptist Church (Dadeville, AL). In May 2016, Rev. Richard D. Jacobs was elected as Pastor, succeeding Senior Pastor.

Rev. Jacobs is willing to mentor Christian leaders seeking to serve God in ministry. He is also willing to open up his church to be a mentor center.

Dale Mcghee
Address: 99801
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

He desires to bring showers of blessing to everone he comes in contact with.

Ministry Journey:

Dale's wife was very sick. After spending much of their income, Dale was angry with God. Dale recalls how the Holy Spirit told him to read Proverbs. When he did, he came upon Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding."

The Lord healed his wife. Now Dale is an ambassador of healing in his community.

Dale started Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He see this ministry training as a key for his Christian leadership. Dale is ordained as a deacon minister and is willing to mentor other leaders in his area.

Michael and Michelle Menees
Address: 16001
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Michael and Michelle Meness have a passion to plant a church in the Bulter, PA area. They are passionate about raising up other Christian Leaders. They are open to starting a mentor center in their area.

Ministry Journey:

Twenty-three years Michael began to walk with the Lord. He finally surrendered and invited Him into his life to help him overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol. He was a lost soul searching for meaning in his life and Jesus Christ step in and has given him purpose. Twenty-Five years ago, Michelle was also delivered from achohol adiction.

Michael and Michelle have been called to minister to their community. Both have extensive training at Christian Leaders Institute. Both have been ordained as Deacon Ministers. In addition attaining the roles of Officiant Minister for Michael and Women's Minister for Michelle.

Michael and Michael have three sons. They welcome other CLI students and graduates to connect.

These Mentor Ministers have been nominated by other ministers as a CLI ordained graduate who will be a resource for other Christian Leaders. Mentor Ministers are added through a nomination and interview process. Mentor Ministers may be removed for various reasons, such as the “Mentor Minister” is now too busy. Other reasons may also play a part.

Mentor Ministers have agreed to the doctrinal statement of Christian Leaders Institute when they enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute.