Ordained Deacon Minister Training

Ordained Deacon Minister Training

My name is Lim Beng Hui (Dan) and I am receiving ordained deacon minister training with Christian Leaders Institute. I am 47 years old. I am happily married to Jenny Ong and we have three beautiful children Gioann, Elston, and Uston. I run a camera equipment rental company in Singapore and am currently serving as an Elder in Antioch Chapel and serve as a volunteer in Prison Fellowship Singapore. I heard about Jesus and His love for me through Youth for Christ in school and personally came to know the Lord in 1986. Since then, I have committed to serve the Lord as I consider it a great privilege. My walk with God and the burden for those who have yet to know our Lord Jesus Christ have kept me going all these years. I have never received any certified training over the years, but I have attended many courses that helped me serve effectively in the ministry assigned to me. I believe God always enables those He calls to do His work (Hebrews 13:21).

People around me identify me as an evangelist. I am able to communicate the message of the Gospel clearly. In the course of ministry, I have seen people coming to acknowledge Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. I am grateful to be God’s instrument to bring the Good News to others. I am praying that the Lord will use me in greater measure and believe the quality ordained deacon minister training I will be receiving from Christian Leaders Institute will help me in His ministry. I hope to progress to making more disciples with the acquired skills.

Singapore is a fast-paced country and many of us are very savvy in terms of technology. Communication is shifting from phone calls and face-to-face meetings to using social media apps. People are looking at their cell phones even when they are eating. The effect of technology is changing the way people connect. My conviction is that technology can never replace personal touch, especially the personal touch from God. Hence, starting small groups and gatherings has always been my preferred way for Christian fellowship and Christian growth. Singapore is a strategic place for an international ministry. We are multi-racial, most of us can communicate in more than one language including local dialects, and our government is respectful of authentic religious activities. My family along with a few others started Antioch Chapel in 2005. It is a small family church of about 30 people as of now. The bigger churches in Singapore are very effective in community penetration and many of them have established good platforms to serve the community. Small churches are strong in personal relationships where leaders and members form very strong bonds.

Currently, Antioch Chapel is called to serve in the prison ministry in Singapore. We are sharing our premises with the Prison Fellowship Singapore Aftercare walk-in Centre, which ministers to the ex-prisoners focusing on their re-integration into the community, but more than that, to become a servant of God. Antioch Chapel does not have a pastor, being a small congregation; the lay leaders preach, lead worship, conduct Holy Communion and perform water baptism. Many Christians we invite to join the ministry always ask about the qualifications of our leadership. That motivates me to get credited with formal ordained deacon minister training. I believe this will help us work with other churches for ministry and possibly to conduct combined training for new believers. Antioch Chapel does not hope to operate independently but interdependently with churches worldwide.

Prison ministry is different from the other ministries I have been involved in thus far. My wife and I have worked with youth ministry, worship ministry and cell groups in our church life. In these ministries, we encounter people struggling with time management, financial management, and family commitment. In the prison ministry, we come face to face with the oppressed, addicts and the poor. The ministry also shapes the way we relate to people and meet their needs. Many of them are struggling with their newfound identity as a believer, even more so as a child of God, and some of them are still held captive by vices in their lives. Mentorship is something we believe can help this ministry greatly and a set of easy to follow discipleship materials will be very helpful to maximize our effort in follow up.

I was very excited when I came across Christian Leaders Institute as it allows me to pursue a credentialed program online, without interrupting my work and ministry. I have always wanted ministry training and I found Christian Leaders Institute and never looked back. I am excited about taking up the degree course offered by Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and am impressed with the quality of the training provided. CLI helps me focus on my personal walk with the Lord, above the academic learning and ministry. I believe this foundation is crucial for any Christian leader and I believe my continual learning with CLI will help me with this journey on a practical basis. I recommend Christian Leaders Institute to anyone who wants quality ministry training but is restrained by finances or time. This is indeed a unique gift and provision from our Heavenly Father.

Over time, CLI offered various courses and today I am very excited about completing the Deacon Minister Ordination course in my ordained deacon minister training. Although I have been elected as an Elder in Antioch Chapel, somehow the Deacon Minister Ordination has a special place in my heart. This is an ordination after training, which to me is precious because I am prepared to be efficacious. I feel more prepared to handle real-life life situations and am more aware of my attitude towards God and His work. Over the last few months, my wife and I have started to do street witnessing and there are people from different churches who join us. Leaders of different churches are at ease when they know that I have formal ordained deacon minister training with CLI. I am sure with the Deacon Minister Ordination people will be more receptive to the work we are doing. We ask for prayers for the work as we learn to be disciples of our Lord Jesus.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.

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