Christian Leaders Institute offers over 180 credit hours of high-quality ministry training. This ministry training is recognized by the Christian Leaders Alliance for ordination and inclusion in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory. Here are the Ordained Minister Study Programs recognized by the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The Christian Leaders Alliance Ordained Study Programs are designed to bring you ministry training through the Christian Leaders Institute. 

Here are the steps on the Ordination Track here at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Step One: Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute to receive scholarship supported free ministry training. Take the first two class. The first class, the Getting Started Class: Christian Leaders Connection locks in your scholarship. In this class, you find out what CLI is all about. You learn about the generosity-driven education model.  The second class is Christian Basics. Here you learn what most Christians in the world hold in common as basic Christian doctrine.

Step Two: Enroll in the Deacon Minister Ordination Class. This class is essential if you want to participate in the Ordained Minister Study Programs offered here at Christian Leaders Alliance. This class features a process where you are endorsed by three local people including your pastor/mentor, your spouse (if married), and someone else. You will also take special minister ordination training. After this class, you will become ordained as an Ordained Deacon Minister. You will be included in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.

Step Three: Take the classes needed to build on your ordination as a Deacon Minister. Some programs only have a few additional ministry training classes. Some programs like the Ordained Chaplain and Ordained Minister of the Word actually require a Bachelor Degree from Christian Leaders Institute.

Step Four: Take the Ordained Ministry Class. Once your ministry classes are out of the way, you enroll in the Ordained Ministry specialization class. After you are done with this class, you will be considered and recognized as Ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance. You will be included in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.

Step Five: If you want more support and credibility for your ordination, join as a Christian Leaders Alliance member. This membership connects you to Rev. Brian DeCook and Rev. Henry Reyenga as the Apostle Elders/Bishops. This is the official covering for your ordination. Your dues are used to support the Elder work of Rev. DeCook to provide you support in your ordination.