Gospel Ministry Ordination Journey

Gospel Ministry Ordination Journey

Gospel Ministry Ordination Journey

My name is Trina and I am on a Gospel ministry ordination journey. I reside in the state of South Carolina. I am an active member of my church home (New Life Ministry Baptist Church). Currently, I am a treasurer, trustee, assistant superintendent, and custodian. I also help out in any of the ministries where I am needed. I am a Cancer survivor (God’s healing). I have been saved for 20+ years. God has been calling me to the ministry for many years. I had been running only to run right back into my calling.

I will use this Gospel ministry ordination journey in and out of the church home as the Lord and my pastor guide me into the mission field. This is how I found Christian Leaders Institute after being told by my pastor that God informed her to let me know it was time for me to walk into my calling. I still wonder that a prophet pointed me out and spoke to me at a worship service to tell me that God said, “What are you waiting for? It’s time!” WOW!! That really got my attention. I knew I had a calling on my life. But I never had the opportunity to seek the guidance that I needed. God answered my prayers. God put a Godly woman in my life to give me guidance. So I came home from the church service and opened my laptop to search for schools. Financially, I did not have the money. But then CLI popped up on my screen. Look at God preparing me for the knowledge and understanding that I need to do his will. Wisdom will come as I put forth the work (hands-on).

The preparation from Christian Leaders Institute will provide me with the resources that I will need to minister to the community and whomever God sends in my path. I can offer encouragement and guidance for them into a relationship with God. I can spread the gospel and let everyone know that I serve a good God and he loves us no matter what we have done or thought about doing. The Deacon Ordination Class and other training from CLI will help me and equip me with the knowledge and understanding that I will need to help me in God’s work. The proper order of doing work in the church is very important in the house of God.

Today God is using Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Alliance, and New Life Ministry to get his church back in order and He has allowed me to be a part of this. The open doors and ministry opportunity that He has put in my path are allowing me to do much work in my home church. I ask that CLI pray that I will be used in an awesome way so God will get all the glory. Also that I will continue to be a part of CLI for training along with my church family. After taking this class, the Holy Spirit lay on my heart to receive rebaptism, I did on December 5, 2017. God is an awesome God!

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