Minister Ordination Training

Minister Ordination Training

I am Logambal Council (known to many as Logie) and I am receiving minister ordination training at Christian Leaders Institute. I am currently living in Michigan City, Indiana. I was born in South Africa and did my nurse studies there. I started my nursing career in October 1986. In 2002, I took a working contract at a military hospital in Saudi Arabia. I was always passionate about working for the Lord. I attended an underground church which drew me closer to God. I learned how to depend on God for the little things we so often take for granted. My husband and I got married in 2015 in Florida, USA and I left a month later to go back to Saudi Arabia and finish my contract. I returned to the USA in June of 2016 and have been in the same location since.

I completed some Bible studies in South Africa. I always love studying God’s Word and it was a blessing when I met my husband and found that he had the same passion and desire to serve and study God’s Word. Our desire is to serve God and His people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As Rev. Reyenga mentioned in one of his presentations it is people that want you to show some kind of identification that you have been ordained. This makes me confident knowing that if and when I am confronted, I can gladly show them my minister ordination training credentials with Christian Leaders Alliance. Jesus put that passion and desire in our hearts and I know from a child I was called into ministry.

The knowledge I gained from the Deacon Ordination Class has helped me in my minister ordination training. I have grown from this ordination class. This class has opened doors for my husband and I to go forth into ministry and be confident in serving God’s people. It has also helped us engage with other ministers as well. Our ministry and this is only through God’s doing that my husband and I although from two different continents are from the prophetic and deliverance ministry. While in Saudi Arabia, I was able to witness a woman with cancer be healed in the Name of Jesus. I was scared and at the same time excited when the tests came back negative after it initially showed positive for cancer. God is a miracle working God, we have to obey and He will do the rest. We also counsel people and they have come to trust us as we share and pray with them.

I was so grateful when I registered in 2016 with Christian Leaders Institute and its free classes. I had just come to the USA and I could not work as I was processing my paperwork for my permanent residency with immigration. I had no income and my husband was the sole breadwinner. One would never realize how much this means to me to have this free ministry training. We would have had to put it off and let one person study if that was the case due to financial constraints. This has been the best thing for me where my husband and I could study together. I am grateful and proud to be affiliated with CLI and the information that I received I will keep and use throughout my ministry. I loved the class about women in Ministry and that enhanced my confidence as a woman going out in ministry together with my husband.

I would like to donate to CLI so that other people just like me can be afforded free ministry classes and receive minister ordination training. CLI is really a work that God has His hand in. You can pray that God will always be the focal point of our ministry and that we will bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people without deviation from that of the Bible. Please pray that we will remain humble and that God’s work that we do will prosper. Pray that despite challenges we may face in the ministry we will have the nature and the Spirit of Jesus for the people. Thank you, CLI for all you have done to put a smile on my face and fill my heart with gratitude for the work you do.

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