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A Lost Sheep Returned Home

Free Studies for Ordination

My name is Vincent Aaland. I’m currently living in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. My early life was not spent in a church but was deeply spiritual and filled with deep introspection. A constant lone wolf, I learned to search my feelings and thoughts for deeper meaning and understanding.

Born to a single mother, a psychologist, I was a very empathetic child who often looked at the intellectual connection with life. Searching the spiritual and religious for some thread that resonated deeply within. This deacon ministry ordination is a launching pad for the direction I’ve felt my life drawn to from an early age.

I spent my college days studying music with the dream that I’d become a rockstar someday. After my first son, I realized that I wouldn’t have money for ME to go back to college anytime soon. A close family friend, my local pastor also recognized the call within me. With finances being an issue, I scoured the internet for any possible way. I found CLI and was very interested in becoming a student. I always feared that my lack of biblical knowledge would be a large challenge on my path, but with CLI I’ve felt like I’m right on track.

The intro classes were very helpful in gaining a general view of the messages and meanings in the New and Old Testament. The ministry courses are above and beyond! As a musician, I have applied to several worship leader positions in the past but my lack of experience in a church has hampered that journey. In the short time, I’ve been a student at CLI I’ve begun more conversations that include open doors. I don’t know where this path leads, but I’m open to wherever I’m led. I’ve felt specifically drawn to connecting with those lost sheep that have gone far beyond the horizon. As one of those lost sheep who returned home, I believe my journey is custom designed to help find and lead those who know the Word but miss the meaning.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.