Ordained Minister Dream

Ordained Minister Dream

My name is Fikre Fikadu Fufa. I have an ordained minister dream for my life. I live in East Africa, Ethiopia. I was born in a partially Christian family. I grew up in church hearing the word of God through Sunday school and ministering to God in the choir. At seventeen, my walk with God was completely corrupted by peer pressure for one solid year and I was lost in the worst addictions: hard drinking, cigarettes, gambling and all bad experiences. At that time, many pastors and my Christian youth friends were trying hard to reach me back to the Lord, but I first rejected them. I was sinking into the deep of worldly things and I have connected all my styles with the technological developments now available here. I left my family’s home and started living in a rental house. My family felt so sad.

However, I am always marveling that in my life even in my worst conditions, God would never let me down or leave me! He was talking to me in my dreams like a Father talks to his beloved son. He won my heart with His love. Then, I started occasionally attending church and re-joined my mother’s and my friend’s prayer teams. The other challenge was when my worldly friends learned that I started to go to church they begin laughing and mocking at me. No matter what gossip they were spreading about me, my spiritual life has been gradually recovered by the help of the Holy Spirit. Amazingly, my worst history changed to goodwill. My worldly friends began to ask me for help and they got the power of God to come out of the worst worldly things. They said, ‘’Man of God, really we know that as your God properly hears you; so please remember us in your prayers.’’ Radical changes occurred in my life after my Lord God visited me with his mercy. I received grace from God Himself and all those who were mocking me. I returned back to my education that I had quit in grade 7.

Praise God, He has been educationally blessing me more than my expectation. Now, I have three degrees from accredited University: BA degree in Economics from Jigjiga University, Ethiopia, Post Graduate Diploma and Master Degree in Development management from Ambo University, Ethiopia. Theologically, I am studying Bachelor of Divinity at Christian Leaders Institute, USA (in progress) and Master of Biblical studies at Bible University, Canada (in progress). I belong to Jesus Christ in all ways. Nothing can love me in this world rather than the love of Jesus Christ on the cross. His agape love has already entered into my heart and controls it. My soul is thirsting for God’s glory to be seen in my lifetime and to meet Him in heaven.

My heartfelt thanks go to the Almighty God for His blessing, inspiration, and diligence required for the successful completion of this ordination program and for turning my ordained minister dream into reality by using Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance. My dream started from my childhood to date, and God has confirmed by different prophets that I have been called for ministry. God has raised up Christian Leaders Institute for the benefit of many servants of the Gospel like me for the realization of having the chance of acquiring greater knowledge of the Lord with the help of the Holy Spirit. The opportunity to be ordained in an internationally recognized ordination is a great blessing. My major ministry dream is to reach the lost and those who are under the devil’s captivity and bring them to the Lord. I also dream of church planting, founding a theology school, facilitating short-term training for Christian leaders, and so on. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. May God bless CLI and the CLI professors and staff, abundantly!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.