Commissioned Minister Journey

Commissioned Minister Journey

Commissioned Minister Journey

My name is Jayme Chick, and I have been on a Commissioned Minister journey. I am a fourth generation native Californian living in Sacramento. I have worked for the California State Legislature for the last 25 years and currently am a Chief of Staff for an Assemblywoman. I attended St. Mary’s College of California. I am married with grown children and now am blessed to also have grandchildren. When I met my husband, I was a single mother with four young children. Being the wonderful man he is, he raised the children as his own. I can never thank him enough for all that he has done for the kids and me.

I became a Christian many years ago while sitting in the quad at my high school. A friend walked over to me, showed me a tract called the Four Spiritual Laws and asked if I knew Christ. Then and there I believed. Many people make light of tracts, but in my case, it was the catalyst I needed to say yes. From there my parents became Christians, and our entire family decided to follow Christ. My father is an ordained pastor, and my mother went to Bible College; later becoming a hospital chaplain.

I have served in many ministries over the last 20 plus years, including blogging, children’s, hospitality, teaching, speaking, small groups, evangelism, and prayer. I am currently a leader in a growing women’s ministry which has many facets including seminars and outreach. Our group is dedicated to sharing Christ with women and helping them find wholeness in Him. We have a burden for the underserved; especially women and children. My greatest accomplishment will be fulfilled if I see women come out from the bondage of substance abuse, domestic abuse, and self-abuse.

I found the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) by accident and on purpose. I had a strong desire to increase my Bible knowledge and my understanding of ministry but couldn’t afford theology school. I started looking for a free or nominal cost school and lo and behold I ran across CLI. I started out slow and wasn’t sure if CLI was what I was looking for, but once I dug in, I was hooked. I recommend CLI anytime I am speaking to groups and happily recommend it to anyone looking for Biblical education.

The courses at CLI are challenging and informative. I laugh when I think back on my first few courses. I thought I would breeze through, but I was mistaken. The classes were sometimes so difficult I questioned why I started this Commissioned Minister journey when I didn’t have to. But I would always return and was glad I didn’t quit. I plan to continue taking classes and at some point will enroll in the bachelor’s program.

My ordination plan is to be a chaplain at large to the community. My women’s group, as well as Natomas Community Church, support my vision and encourage me to minister wherever God leads. When I told my former pastor at Warehouse Christian Church I was going into ministry, he told me it was about time! I have felt led to become a chaplain because I meet so many with needs and being able to say I am a chaplain makes people feel comfortable. I have ministered to those in hospice and even performed a funeral all because my training at CLI gave me the confidence to take on the challenge. I even had the privilege of praying with a friend of mine as she lay dying. It was a moment I will never forget and her family always thanks me for being there. Without my training, I would have been unable to find the courage and the strength to pray and minister.

We live in a broken world with broken people. Although I will use my chaplaincy wherever I go; more importantly I can share God’s love because of my training. My gifts are encouragement, prayer, discernment, and hospitality; I plan to share those gifts freely as I travel life’s pathway. CLI helped me to identify my strengths and share what I have learned with others. I especially love to share stories of the early church. Nothing holds people’s attention like the stories I learned from the class on those who came before us. I have since spent time reading as much as I can about those early saints.

As I move forward, I feel that the challenges I face are apathy and even hostility to the gospel. I believe that’s where God’s love must shine the greatest so those who are hostile or apathetic can see the power of the cross. I would love prayer over my life and my family’s lives as we seek where to serve and where to go. I would also ask for your prayers over my current job and the next step of life as I look to the future. Besides the ministry in the community, I would like to continue to speak at seminars and conferences. We’ll have to see where God leads.

I do want to say personal thanks for allowing me the ability to attend CLI. I love school, and as I said earlier, CLI challenged me on many levels. I am glad to say I financially support CLI so others can also have a chance to increase their knowledge. May God bless your continued endeavors and outreach.

Jayme has now been ordained as a Commissioned Minister and serves as a Mentor Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.