Ordained Ghana Deacon Minister

Ordained Ghana Deacon Minister

Ordained Ghana Deacon Minister

My name is Mavis Jomle and I am becoming an ordained Ghana Deacon Minister. I am 33 years old. My family and I have moved back to Ghana after studying in Holland for some years. I got married in July of 2012 to Eric Boakye. My husband is a full-time pastor and general overseer of the church. We live in Ghana, Accra.

I grew up in a family that went to church every Sunday, but I was not serious with Christ. There were so many things going on in my life that I just did not understand why God would allow them to happen. Sickness such as cancer, the death of family, sexual and physical abuse, all these things made me wonder why God would allow me to should face these struggles.

I really became serious with God in 2008 when sickness and depression took its toll on my life. I was losing my education, friends and even family. I found Christ at this time. One day after praying and crying to God to help me and change me, He told me to move to another city. So, I moved to another city to start a new life and to find rest. That is where I started going to church, re-dedicated my life to Christ and started living for Him. That’s also where I met my husband in 2009. God opened doors for me to preach and share my testimony with women and young adults at a Women’s conference in Amsterdam.

I have seen the power of God manifesting in my life in ways that I can’t explain. I am a living testimony so I want to share Christ with others. I want to walk closer to God and learn to know Him more each day. I want to reach out to more souls, be a better wife and mother and reach out to the people God has given my husband to take care of.

My ministry goal is to reach women and children and bring the lost souls in Ghana to Christ. I am called to be a mother to the motherless, to bring the gospel to the lost souls and to impact women to be what God has created them to be. My heart and compassion go for street children, orphans and children with any disability. My goal is to build a care center which will take the children off the street. Working with my husband, we will provide a roof over their heads, food, safety, and education. This will be where they will be offered a place of belonging and hope for the future, to become the people God has destined them to be. I believe in impacting women in this generation.

I always wanted to go to Bible school after 2009, but I did not have the finances to do so. Getting ministry at Christian Leaders Institute meant that I could learn how to walk closer with God, live a life which will be to the glory of God and be able to use my gifts to reach many for Christ.

Becoming an ordained Ghana Deacon Minister will help my ministry. As a woman with the passion and zeal for God’s kingdom and souls, I have been dedicated to the ministry for the past 9 years now. I have learned the qualifications, attitudes and the role of leadership and serving in God’s vineyard. My eyes have been opened in many ways during this study to become an ordained Deacon Minister. I have held a mirror in front to analyze and reflect on the things that I need to change, such as a certain character trait which will help me in my calling.

I have seen so many broken women and youth in my society. At this moment I am working with women and the youth to get them on their feet. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and a little financial aid and a push, my husband and I have been able to get them to learn a trade or start up a business which generates income for them and their families.

In line with this ministry, there is an opportunity for me to do seminars with the youth on marriage, sex, addiction and living for the Lord. I have been in contact with some people who are willing to help me reach out to the vulnerable in our society through Christian materials, financial aid and any other support that might be needed.

My work in ministry has been challenging at times. Not all accept me because of my background, where I came from. Some of the men feel that a woman can not be in a leadership position and fight me in every way possible. There are times in my flesh when I feel like giving up, especially when I am looked down upon because of my gender. The Lord has been my strength and uses every opportunity that comes to teach me and strengthen me.

The training I have received here at CLI is not just in theory but very practical. I remember during the classes on qualifications for deacons, I was critically analyzing myself. I was looking at my weaknesses to work on. There were some challenges that arose to test me. Because of the ordained Ghana Deacon Minister study, I was able to overcome these challenges in a different way than I would have normally done. I have gained a deeper understanding of serving as an ordained Ghana Deacon Minister, and for that, I am very grateful.

I need prayers for God to continue to strengthen me, give me deeper understanding, humility, patience, more love and strength to do that which He has called me for. I need prayers to hold on to this calling no matter the challenges. I want God to use me as a channel to support my husband for him to fulfill his purpose and God-given calling. I want to be able to continue to be there for him, to motivate him and to love him more.

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Pam Reyenga
Author: Pam Reyenga