officiant ordination

Officiant Ordination

Officiant Ordination

My name is G. Douglas Goodson. I live in the USA in the state of Massachusetts. My wife, Teri, and I have four children. We attend services at a Christian Assembly in a neighboring town. I recently received my Officiant Ordination through Christian Leaders Alliance. I feel blessed to have received a high quality, extremely low fee education from Christian Leaders Institute. The education pre-requisite to the credentialing makes all the difference!

Previously, I was ordained as a Deacon Minister in a ceremony that was conducted by my close friend and mentor. It was attended by friends and family. It felt good receiving the charge, answering in the affirmative and starting my new journey in ministry. I have already completed most of the classes for the House Church Minister ordination as well. I will be using my Deacon Minister Ordination and my Officiant Ordination to continue my transitional ministry and to eventually build a house church network.

For the time being, I’m excited to be continuing my education with Christian Leaders Institute while I lead an in-home Bible study. I feel competent in my ability to minister due to the high quality, education I am receiving at CLI. I am so impressed with the curriculum that I have become a Vision Partner. My plan includes finishing the Degree Programs offered at CLI and then continuing to a master’s program with one of CLI’s partners. I would like to attain Commissioned Minister ordination in the fullness of time.

My wife Teri and I have been married for 27 years. We have four children; 2 boys and two girls who have all grown to become adults. We also have three grandchildren. Teri and I have been involved in transitional ministry for 15 years. We ran a family business for 23 years. My interest in serving Jesus Christ started when I was young. Being Catholic I couldn’t see myself living life without a wife and kids. I also hadn’t considered changing faiths. So, for a while I put thoughts of being of service to God aside; concentrating instead on starting a family. In my twenties; I thought I might be called to evangelism.

After many more diversions and turns in the road, I sought ordination through an online church and started my ministry at 32. Soon afterward, I became aware of the lack of education involved in my ordination and began consuming books on Pastoral Counseling. I still felt inadequate. The more people I met the more aware I was that they needed a spiritual community in their lives. They needed God in their lives and not just at the wedding or funeral. I have now been blessed with the opportunity to get an affordable, high-quality education at Christian Leaders Institute.

My greatest aspiration is to start a network of Bible Based House Churches. I want to build a community where people of faith can come together as a family to support one another in furthering their understanding and love of Jesus Christ and his teachings. I feel there is a desperate need for Christian Leaders who can bring folks back to services. CLI equips me with the knowledge and Christian Leaders Alliance gives me the covering I need to become an effective Christian leader in my local area. I feel immensely blessed!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.