Ordination Call

Ordination Call

Ordination Call

My name is Stephanie Lemmons and I have an ordination call to ministry. I live in Fulton, Mississippi. I married my true love, James Lemmons Sr. I believe God placed us together as family partners and ministry partners. We have been married for 12 years. I have two children that God has blessed me with. They both love to serve God in any way God leads them. They love singing, drama, and speaking of God’s word in their testimonies. I am a very blessed wife and mother.

I am a certified nursing assistant, but right now I am unemployed because of taking care of my husband. Three years ago, my husband survived a major heart attack, which I thank God he survived. He has lung problems and other medical conditions, but he is a miracle. The doctors told us 3 years ago that he could die any time, but thank God, he is still alive. God also gave my son a miracle last June when he was a victim in a bad car wreck. He was in the hospital for several days, part of the time in the critical care unit because of all his injuries. He spent time in physical therapy, and God allowed him to pull through all the serious injuries he had. My daughter is a miracle child, too. She was born premature and has had a lot of medical problems throughout her life including almost dying with seizures. She was diagnosed with inner brain seizures. When we had more tests done, one test did not match the other one. It said there were no seizures found, and she has not had another one since God healed her.

I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was seven years old. When I was 13 years old, I went to a tent camp meeting. I went to the altar to pray and I began speaking in tongues. I was prophesied over that I was supposed to spread God’s word. I have taught Sunday school classes, sung different places, taught banner worship and have spoken at different churches.

I did have a time when I turned away from God and quit going to church. This was when my sister died from cancer at age 33 leaving 2 small kids. I had prayed and prayed for her healing, but she died anyway and I was angry about her death. But, God got my attention that it was not my place to lean on my own understanding but to trust Him. I turned back to God and asked for forgiveness. I have been living for God since He removed all the anger from my heart and forgave me. I love God and praise Him daily for my blessings and my trials that He has brought me through because that is why I am the faith-filled woman I am today.

I enjoy singing southern or contemporary gospel music anywhere I can. Wherever the door opens, my family and I go to worship and spread the word through song. We have set up concerts in our local park, so others can hear the gospel songs and the scriptures. I love to worship God through banner and drama ministry. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends on hikes and picnics. I love to travel, explore new places, go to museums, and travel on scenic historical roads. I love to visit the mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and the ocean to see the glory of God’s creation.

I plan to use my training from Christian Leaders Institute to start a country church where I live. My family and I have plans to build a church in which I minister God’s word through sermons, testimony, and song. The training that I receive at Christian Leaders Institute will give me the knowledge and training that I need to accomplish the start of the church and be able to maintain it the way it should be run through ministry and staff. The ministry training that I have received will keep me on the path that I need to follow to make it a successful ministry for the glory of God. Through the lessons, I can become a better leader and fulfill the ordination call that God has on my life to lead others to follow Jesus.

The scholarship has helped me be able to follow my ordination call of becoming a minister. I could not have afforded the training otherwise. I really want to fulfill the ordination call that God has placed within my heart to be a minster and go out and spread God’s word.

The Deacon Minister Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance is the start of my ordination call journey. I have learned many skills and knowledge that will help me to plant a church in my community. More classes and further ordinations with the help of CLI’s free studies will help me to become an ordained minister and plant a church in my community. I want it to be one where people can come and worship God and feel at home. I plan to go wherever the doors open to preach God’s word, tell about God’s salvation, and tell of God’s mighty power and grace for us. I would appreciate prayers for God’s direction and God’s will to be done in my ministry.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.