Do you Need Church Planting Ordination for starting a new Church?

Are you called to Plant a New Church?  Experts have different takes on what it takes to plant a church. Do you agree with Steve Childers in this short video?

James Kimball has recently been ordained at Christian Leaders Alliance. He shared how God has called him. He is completing generosity-driven free classes at Christian Leaders Institute.

Read Jame’s Kimball’s story to Chruch planting Ordination

Church Planting Ordination

My name is James Kimball. I was born in Killeen Texas while my dad was in the army. We moved to a small town in Oregon when I was two. I was raised in a Christian home, where I lived with my parents two sisters and my grandmother. We were heavily involved in church. If the doors were open we were there. I gave my life to Jesus when I was 6 at a revival. I’ve felt called to be in ministry since I was a child.

I have served in various ministerial roles over the years. I have been involved in youth ministry, I’ve been a worship leader and I’ve been called on to preach from time to time. Recently God has been calling me to plant a church.

I am married and have three children. My wife has worked in children’s ministry for close to twenty years serving as a teacher and a children’s ministry coordinator. My oldest daughter is an artist and has done prophetic art at church, my younger daughter loves to sing and has sung in the worship team. My son has run the computer for worship time. He also used to make the PowerPoint presentation for worship when I was a worship leader.

I am going to use my training and Church Planting Ordination to plant a church in the city God has been leading us to. I thought I was going to be planting a church in the town I currently live in, but God has recently revealed that the church plant is going to be in a different city. I am going to use my training to pastor that church and raise up new leadership. When God says to move and plant another church, I will turn the church over to the leadership that has been raised up and go where God leads me to plant another church.

A scholarship to Christian Leadership Institute would help me to achieve my goals of being a church planter by providing me the training necessary to be an effective church planter without having to spend a lot of money on classes.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.