United Kingdom Ordination Story

United Kingdom Ordination Story

United Kingdom Ordination Story

I am Gerhard Struckmann and I am sharing my United Kingdom Ordination story. I was born and raised in a traditional Christian household in South Africa. I spent seven years in the army and lost my way a bit. After I met my wife in 1991, she introduced me to a charismatic church and I reconnected with the Lord in a way I never knew possible. We were involved in cell churches and soon afterward started leading a cell church.

In 1999, we moved to the East coast of South Africa where we joined a local church which was part of the Fivefold ministry group of churches in South Africa. Soon we found ourselves leading the young adult ministry for 3 years. We started a cell group with the church cell structure which multiplied into 6 cell groups in two years. In 2000, I was made redundant at my workplace and with a difficult marketplace getting work was not easy. So with that, I started my own business and as well was appointed as the church training department leader. We saw miracles and amazing happenings in our time in the church there.

In 2002, we felt called to be part of a church plant to the United Kingdom (and are now nearly 16 years in the UK). In the UK, we parted with the church after 3 years to plant a number of house churches. Seven years ago, we joined a local church. I was looking for a formal pastoral qualification but because of finances, everything was out of reach at that stage. Then after prayer, I came upon Christian Leaders Institute and soon joined. With a demanding job, I managed one course per semester. My time at CLI has been amazing so far, and after ordination classes, I will complete the whole course. Truly amazing people and course material from CLI teaching straight from the Bible which is really inspiring. I was honored to meet Professors Henry Reyenga and Steve Elzinga in the UK at a student meeting. Really amazing and down to earth leaders in our school, they are full of knowledge and love.

My dream for the ministry is to be involved in planting churches, pastoring, and visiting different countries spreading the gospel. We have been involved in Young Adult leading, pastoring, and church planting; pastoring and church planting are close to my heart. The Deacon ministry ordination course has helped me to prepare the final stages for ministry the final stages in guiding me on the right track. This has been a big part of my United Kingdom Ordination story.

I am looking forward to continuing to minister and live my dream in serving Jesus and to serve my community as Jesus served in the New Testament. Thank you, CLI, for giving me this opportunity of a formal education and aiding in making me a strong leader for the future.
Also, thanks to Christian Leaders Alliance for this ordination opportunity. Please pray for wisdom and guidance in the future of ministry with some new opportunities opening in South Africa.
God Bless and Jesus love

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.