Free Women Ordination Study

Free Women Ordination Study – My Sister’s Keeper

Free Women Ordination Study

Christian Leaders Alliance works closely with Christian Leaders Institute to offer a free women ordination study. This free women ordination study offers over 180 college credits of ministry training classes.

Twyla Williams lives in Florida. She gave her life to Christ on November 17, 1985, when she was in seventh grade. Her church was having a revival and the preacher asked if anyone wanted to come forward. She wrote about that moment:

I made that step that forever changed my life. I will never forget that moment when I stepped into the baptism pool and the water was freezing cold. I just remember shaking, and after the Pastor dipped me in the water, the first person’s face I saw when I came out of the water was my physical father. He had tears in his eyes. It was the first time that I had ever seen my father cry. After that moment, I was on fire for the Lord.

Twyla had no idea that someday she would take the Christian Leaders Institute’s Free Women Ordination Study. She just began her own course of study. She carried her Bible with her at Junior High School. She was often made fun of because of her fire for the Lord. She wrote her first sermonette at age 14. She recalls,

I knew then that I was different and I was okay with being the “Church girl.” My first sermon at age 14 was named, “Friends Just Don’t Understand”, I referenced being teased in Junior High for my walk with God.

By age 16, Twyla sensed the calling into ministry. But soon life happened and as life happened, Twyla marched forward but ran away from her calling. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd. She actually even joined a gang. The gang was highly organized and she wanted to be the secretary. Instead, they made her the chaplain of the gang. All this was happening while the Lord was in her life, but she was not in the center of God’s will. Even gang members somehow knew she had a “calling”.

She left the gang and went on to other things. But she was still not pursuing calling. In 2008, the moving of the Holy Spirit pushed her away from her divided heart and showed her the calling to serve the Lord:

In 2008, the urge grew so strong that I couldn’t shake it. Or should I say, the feeling to proclaim the Word of God was all over me and I couldn’t seem to run from it any longer. So much so that I invited my closest girlfriend out to breakfast one day to share the news with her. I let her know that my partying days were over, but I didn’t want our friendship to end. And I told her that I think I’ve been called to be a minister. I was just waiting on a sign from the Lord. And that’s when the cup that I was drinking from moved. As we both tried to ignore the movement of the cup, it moved again. That’s when the friend said to me, “Well, there’s your sign.” I got so emotional. I had been running for years.

After this movement of the Holy Spirit, Twyla began walking a different path. God brought her a godly husband and wonderful children. Her mother is her #1 supporter. Twyla found the Christian Leaders Institute and discovered that this free women ordination study included over 180 hours of study. She also noticed that this study allowed for the ordination of called women in a way that was Biblically and historically based. Many from her local church tradition had frowned upon a woman’s ordination to preach.

Twyla was called to be her Sister’s Keeper and minister as a Titus 2 Woman:

The Holy Spirit deposited into me the acronym P.I.E. which stands for Persuade, Inspire, and Encourage. Which is what I see myself doing when I minister to other women. So I see myself doing the same thing in a Women’s Group or at a Women’s conference, encouraging them and exhorting them by ministering to them through the word of God. To be better mothers, better sisters, better wives, better at forgiving, and most important of all, better Christians.

She has been called to women’s ministry. She began her studies at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Free Women Licensed or Ordination Study

The licensed or ordination process is laid out in partnership with the Christian Leaders Alliance.  You begin by taking the course of an admission that gives you orientation with the Christian Leaders Institute.

Steps for Clergy Recognition

Step one:

Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete the Admissions Course. This course introduces you to the culture of Christian Leaders Ministries. Including the Christian Leaders College, the Christian Leaders Alliance, and the Life Coach Minister.

Step Two:

Complete the required ministry training courses.

Step three:

Enroll in the Licensed or Ordination program at the Christian Leaders Alliance.  You must receive recommendations in this clergy program.

Step Four:

If desired, order the Recognition Package that fits your personal situation. There is a cost to the packages or you can participate in the clergy vision partners program for one year.

She has received the Women’s minister ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance. This ordination opens up doors for her. She is included in the global ordination directory. She is allowed to perform weddings and funerals. She is recognized as a “commended” Ordained minister like Pheobe (Romans 16) in the Bible.

Her local church has supported her in her calling. She is the president of the Women’s Mission Ministry where she holds the office of president. She hosts and heads up different uplifting programs for women in her church and in her local area.

Her husband is her backbone encouraging her to write Biblical and relevant sermons when she is called to preach. She says,

He pushes me hard to make sure I study the word and present it how God intended and not what people want to hear.

Her children as well are supportive of their mother as she uses her gifts for ministry.

The free women ordination study at Christian Leaders Institute and ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance were vital to Twyla’s dream and calling to serve the Lord.

If you are interested in beginning ministry training, check out Christian Leaders Institute today.


Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.