CLA Deacon Ordination

CLA Deacon Ordination

CLA Deacon Ordination

I am Michele Lindo from Hope Mills, NC and I am excited to receive my CLA Deacon Ordination. I am the wife of Kirk and together we have three children and one grandson. I worship the Lord among friends at a Kingdom center and am currently employed full time in a position with the local government.

In the past, I have been the voice for two different police departments. I didn’t understand then what those jobs were preparing me for, but I now know it is my calling to be a mouthpiece for God and to teach His people. This free ministry training will continue to provide a solid foundation in the word of God while helping me to be more accurate and effective in ministry. Studying at Christian Leaders Institute has allowed my heart’s desire to become a reality: obtaining a college degree in that which I love, the message of the Kingdom. I am grateful to have learned about this opportunity and recognize God certainly provides for His vision.

I believe the CLA Deacon Ordination will add a great deal of credibility to my ministry. Not only have I been called by God but the grace upon my life has also been recognized by His people. This is certainly a public declaration of my commitment to God and to serving His people which I don’t take lightly.

I would prefer to remain in the background when it comes to doing ministry, however, God’s preference and will take priority. I have been able to serve by participating in a service to dedicate a local community prayer garden, prayed for the terminally ill and even laid hands on the sick as I prayed. God has trusted me with the opportunity to walk with some as they navigate some of the most difficult times of their lives due to the death of loved ones or personal afflictions.

I continue to posture myself to remain a student and I welcome Divine instruction from God by His Spirit. I look forward to advancing in my studies and to the time when I am able to confidently share the message of the Kingdom.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.