Deacon Ordination Dream

Deacon Ordination Dream

Deacon Ordination Dream

Hello! My name is Cathy Hokenson and I live in Cottage Hills, Illinois. I am very excited about fulfilling my deacon ordination dream here at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). I have enjoyed this class as well as the other classes I have taken. Besides being a student, I have the privilege of being married to Gary. We are blessed with 4 children and further blessed with 11 grandchildren; all gifts from God. Our home is also blessed with my elderly parents John and Sue. We are guardians to our 14-year-old granddaughter, Cheyenne, as well. I can say my life and my house is full and enriched with many blessings.

I have believed in God my whole life. I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and was christened as an infant and received Holy Communion. I went through Confirmation (Catholic version of a statement of faith) at the age of 12. I married and had all my children christened as infants. I attended church on holidays periodically. Most of my life, I wanted to help and care for others. My mother always said I had a big heart and never left home without it.

Fast forward to my children are grown and have left home. I am looking at divorce after 25 years of marriage. Then September 11, 2001 hits and I have two sons in the military. My world as I knew it was gone. I feel broken, lost and hopeless. I fell into a deep depression, attempted suicide and then sought medical help. In my brokenness, the Holy Spirit set my heart on fire! That is when I realized that for over 45 years I was lost to the Lord.

It’s been 9 years ago since we (Gary and I) asked Christ into our hearts. Our daughter and second son, have followed in our walk with the Lord; I am still praying for our other two sons. My mother is opening her heart to the Lord. God is not done with my family yet.

Five years ago, Gary and I found a church ROLFC (River of Life Family Church) we call home. I have been employed at our church for 2 years now as the Nursey Coordinator. I volunteer with our outreach ministry called” The Dream Center of Alton”. I am the Veteran Outreach Specialist and I help out with our Juvenile Justice System. Lastly, I co-facilitate a WRAP class (wellness recovery action plan) here at the Dream Center. We focus on Veterans with PTSD, drug rehab, and returning citizens from prison. Next year, we plan on offering this program as a Bible study.

I prefer ministering in areas that are challenging and less popular. At this point in my life, I am more of a behind the scenes person. I am not comfortable standing up front. Yet, I have been the spokesperson for the nursey for two years now. At this point in my ministry, I am not sure which path the Lord will lead me down. Whether it is at the Dream Center in counseling or in the Children’s ministry, I believe this deacon ordination dream will only add to my creditability. I plan to follow Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

I can’t thank CLI enough for helping me with my deacon ordination dream journey. I believe the free online ministry training at CLI is top quality. This online free training is providing me with skills I could not accomplish or afford on my own. These classes are providing me with the means and equipment for ministry in my deacon ordination dream. CLI is helping me build a strong foundation in the Word and in my relationships with Gary, my family, and others. More importantly, CLI has helped me in my relationship with the Lord.

These classes have strengthened my knowledge in the word and help give me the confidence, strength, and courage to step out in faith. I have grown so much as a Christian. CLI has played a big part in my recent growth. I love the person I have become. I enjoy sharing my love of Christ and love for CLI. I’m a big fan and advocate for CLI. I recommend CLI to anyone who is interested in theology and Bible training. I believe in CLI and all they are doing for men and women of faith all around the world. I love the classes. I cannot imagine the impact CLI has had on this world we live in today. I pray God continues to bless CLI in all their efforts around the world. In Jesus name, Amen.

I personally want to thank Henry Reyenga, for his vision and all his efforts. David Feddes, for his input, and all the professors for their teaching. To all the leaders and employees at CLI, for all their hard work, thank you. Lastly, to all who support/donate, without you, CLI would not be what it has become today, nothing short of a miracle with God’s divine guiding.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.