Local Ordination Journey

Local Ordination Journey

Local Ordination Journey

Many are looking for an online ministry study option with connects to a local ordination journey where local leaders affirm that someone is called and recommended for ministry. Here is Nicole local ordination journey and her recommendation of Christian Leaders Institue.

My name is Nicole. I am a single mom of three beautiful children ( Son of 10 and twins of 8). I have always been a Christian. I grew up in a Christian home and my mother took me to church from a very young age. I moved from church to church over the years until I was in my late teens. It was at this time that I fell out with the church and I spent 11 years out of the church. It was during these times where I had issues in my marriage and my life that I found my way back to God.

I am hoping to use my training to help people in their journey with Christ. To be a mentor to people, and to help those who need a shoulder to lean on and council. I went through an awful time over the last two years, and it was the church who helped me find my feet, myself and my confidence. I would like to partner with the church and become a connect group leader. I love to work with people but I want to be able to give the best advice and help based on the Bible.

Unfortunately, due to my troubles, the availability of going to a formal college where I would have to pay is completely out of my reach. The fact that I can study via CLI at any time and completely remotely also helps as I have time for my children, and they will not suffer during my studies. They will only benefit. A scholarship will be the bridge I need to achieve what I think is what I should be doing. Helping people as the church helped me.

Since starting my studies with Christian Leaders Institute,  I have begun to be a lot more involved in church, volunteering in different ministries, one which requires me to connect with new people to the church and newly saved people.

I have also gotten involved in the small groups ministries and host once a week.  This Local ordination journey has helped people feel more confident in me, but also it gives me more insight. I have learned so much through Christian Leaders Institute courses and I am able to help people more and more.

The minister ordination through the Christian Leaders Alliance fits!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.