Woman Ministry Ordination

Woman Ministry Ordination

Woman Ministry Ordination

My name is Mrs. Ciara Ibarra and this is the story of my woman ministry ordination. I just recently married on Oct 22nd, 2018. I am very excited to be a part of the Christian Leaders Institute. I am 33 years old living in Southeast Texas. I’m an avid fan of Vintage fashion and enjoy riding my motorcycle. I enjoy singing, writing poetry, and hopefully, one day will be able to write my first novel. Singing is a great passion of mine and I adore praising God through song and worship. I truly believe that no matter what happens in your life that God will always be there with his everlasting love, mercy and grace.

I run a nonprofit organization for the homeless: FB: A Home for the Homeless. I also run a Christian FB page: Christian Warriors of Christ. Off and on my entire life, I have felt a calling toward God and helping others. I grew up in and out of the foster care system. I am a Child Rape and Domestic Violence Survivor (10 years). I am a fierce advocate for Womens’ and Children’s rights and protection and Mental Health Awareness. I am here to get the education I need to be able to become a women’s and youth minister. God Willing, I will be allowed to make a difference in other peoples lives for the better and continue my love for charity work and God.

Obtaining my Deacon Ordination will be the first step of my woman ministry ordination in achieving the goal to become a women’s and youth minister. God has put a passion deep inside of me to reach out to others and share not only my testimony of God’s saving grace but to share the Good News of his Word (The Bible). I continuously pray to God for his guidance, to use me to fulfill his good works and to do his will in my life. I lean upon him and him alone and wait patiently for him to speak to me, in order that I may carry out his will for the purpose of my life. Daily communication with God is key to strengthening my relationship with him, as well as taking the time out of each day to walk with him during Bible study and learning the Word.

I first realized I had a gift for Ministry working as a Corrections officer, where I would feel God’s presence leading me to speak to others about Him, both co-workers and inmates alike. He used me to influence their lives and help them find God, or work on getting back into his presence. Also, in my charity work, anytime I feel God pushing me to help someone in need, I could always hear him speaking to me to share his message of love and redemption with them. To reach out and lay my hands upon them and pray for God to enter their lives, protect and bless them. I feel that the special gifts that God has given me, such as my compassion, patience, empathy, giving nature, hospitality and ability to communicate well with others will assist me greatly in fulfilling my purpose. The Holy Spirit has set my soul on fire and drives me to succeed in my mission.

I pray that God will continue to lead the way on this great woman ministry ordination journey and open the doors to my future ministry works. I pray that he will continue to instruct me with the knowledge and wisdom I need to serve him well. I hope that you all will keep me in your prayers throughout this wonderful experience. Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for giving me the opportunity to answer the Calling God has given to me, within my heart. I pray that he will be with each and every one of you all through your lives and journeys as well. I pray for your joy, peace, and blessing! In Jesus name – Amen.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.