Minister Ordination Mission

Minister Ordination Mission

Minister Ordination Mission

My name is George Stack and I have a minister ordination mission. I was born in post-war Brisbane, Australia. The second son of six children. My family was dominated by my father; at times physically. Religious education, a school subject on Thursday morning in 8th grade, would often include hymns such as, ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’.

I completed a 4-year Electrical apprenticeship and moved out of the family home. I continued playing rugby league until the age of 21 years. That is when National Service conscripted me into the Australian Regular Army, at the time of the Vietnam conflict. I was commissioned: Second Lieutenant, Platoon Commander, Charlie Company, 8th Battalion RAR, Infantry; completing numerous training courses. However, an “Ammunition Incident” hospitalized me in intensive care and subsequently, early discharge. Veterans’ Affairs accepted the injuries, including PTSD, some 33 years post service.

On my discharge, my sister, Susan, introduced me to a Christian camp near Toowoomba, Queensland, where I was saved, prayed over and baptized. I went back to school (Repatriation funded) and completed Adult Matriculation and after many years, I was called by God to complete a Graduate Diploma in Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution (Counselor).

Later on my minister ordination mission journey, I volunteered with the Salvation Army and became a crisis counselor, pro bono, and as an Associate Chaplain for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. Many times, I felt God’s presence when I listened to people’s life burdens and problems. There were times when I did not know how to help them or what to say. But, when I prayed to God and waited on His Holy Spirit and asked Him to lead, then miracles happened. God moved in impossible situations. Lives changed!

I had my own counseling practice, where putting God first helped others. I witnessed when clients opened up to God and allowed God to come into their lives. Their lives started to change and to be restored again. Individuals built a stronger relationship with God, with themselves and with their family. Unfortunately, as Australia became more secularized, with attendant secular-practice restraints, I increasingly, felt called away to a minister ordination mission.

God moves in mysterious ways. He sent a stranger my way, to knock on my door, to sit next to me in a shopping center, or to walk past our house. Out of nowhere, we would talk about God and unbelievably, I’ve witnessed God change people’s lives as the seed fell on the fertile ground – lives changed.

For many years I have felt a burden in my heart to go to Thailand to serve God on my minister ordination mission. His call was for both of us, and as a couple, we were each finally ready for it. Through prayer, again God moved in mysterious ways, one thing happened and led to another thing and here we are, serving in Thailand.

Having been an Associate Chaplain, I felt spiritually challenged and as God led, I found I was led to Christian Leaders Institute. CLI continues to impress with the quality of teaching and the depth of the knowledge the courses provide. Every morning, I get up early to learn more through the structured course regimen. Aided by my feeling that I am growing more listening, trusting and obedient to the Lord’s guiding Spirit of Comfort and Truth. Without a doubt, the training from CLI will help me to become a better servant of the Lord; wherever He leads.

I am now completing the Ordained Deacon Ministry course as I believe it will help me to develop confidence as roles that included special minister to the Catholic Church, leading the Men’s Club and as an Associate Chaplain caused in me uncertainty in how best to serve. The course regimen and insights and teaching of the academic and support staff each has and will continue to assist and support my ministry.

Currently, we are exploring what open doors or ministry opportunities are being put in our path as I write. In Thailand God has led us to do Terminal-Ministry (No pun intended) e.g. Two Buddhist men, two with cancer, one terminal and “sent home”. The other hospitalized and awaiting his biopsy results. The third is a Christian grandfather, whose own father and brother suicided and he suffers guilt and suicidal ideation as depression. He has three adult sons. He is their example. I am called and have been involved with the men and their families speaking God’s word quietly through a Christian translator of His love and His saving Grace available when they are led to choose Jesus. Each man gladly receives our hands-on prayer and each allows me to hold him in Christian acceptance and comfort.

Also, in the local Thai Church where the Minister prayed and after 12 months felt called to resign and move to the north of Thailand to Church Plant and care for 20 children whose parents are incarcerated for drug-related crimes. The Minister has gone to serve, with no income and is truly an inspiration for her Love and selfless faith in action. She loves the Lord. We have been asked to join her ministry in the new year. We are praying and ask all at CLI to pray for this minister and our call to support her and the children, the Church Planting and how we are to serve God in her ministry.

Clearly, God has led me to the CLI-ministry training and ordination and the fruits are ripening as the vine is nurtured and fed by God’s Holy Spirit in word and deed. Please keep us in your prayers that we remain sensitive to hearing God’s words and understanding in our hearts to do his will. Thank you!

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.