Ordained Officiant

Ordained Officiant Minister

Ordained Officiant

My name is Dan Williams. I believe the role of an ordained officiant minister will help me by opening doors for ministry, It has been my desire upon my conversion to honor my sweet Lord Jesus. I believe people in this world are looking for credibility and credentials. It is my hope that this ordination sith Christian Leaders Alliance will give me open doors to minister to people and proclaim the gospel to the world in ways I couldn’t if I were not ordained. The kingdom of God is the most important thing, I want to grow in the opportunities to help advance it.

The ministry opportunities that are before me now are primarily with being a light to my co-workers, neighbors around me, and my lost family members. As a husband and father of two small children, I look at it as ministering to them and giving the gospel to my children as we pray every night. I always seek to incorporate God in much of our conversation and lifestyle as I can.

I have other means of ministry which I have been doing, such as being a camp counselor at the Pocono Plateau camp. I assisted in teaching apologetics and mentoring young people for the week there. Also, I volunteered at a Christian school to help raise funds.

My family and I are currently attending a new church and attending new membership classes, but they have already helped us through the support of their prayers and encouragement. I would like to share that my work in the ministry would be done decently and in order, hedged about by the local church, filled with gospel clarity, accountability, and most of all done in love for our Lord Jesus Christ and for Him, that He would get all the glory. The free ministry training here at Christian Leaders Institute has been a blessing to my family and me because we are a relatively young family with many bills. It is my desire to give to CLI as soon as I can to help others get the blessing that I have been given through CLI’s kindness.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.