Youth Minister Ordination Journey

Youth Minister Ordination Journey

Youth Minister Ordination Journey

I am Martin S. Sandikie and I am on a Youth Minister ordination journey. I live in Liberia. Liberia is very poor. These free classes are vital for me and others in my country! I was baptized when I was 16 years old as a result of encouragement from my dad. After my baptism, I joined the Pentecostal church choir where my family and I were attending at that time. Later, my family moved to a Baptist church, I followed them. I joined the Baptist choir as a way to serve God.

All this time I was going to church, it was like a duty until 2011 when I had the generous mission opportunity to go to China for a study program. Then my perception changed to a time of service for God because in China, having access to a place for worship was done in hiding. The fellowship I found which comprised of students from various countries led by a Korean Pastor whose goal was to raise International Spiritual soldiers for Jesus Christ focused on exploring the Bible and how to serve one another. These activities got me involved in every area of service in the fellowship. I also learned to read an entire chapter or more of the Bible at once. I enjoy spending time with the brethren, serving others and also organizing activities for people to enjoy their time in the service of Jesus. My time there unknowingly transformed me into a person who wants to spend time learning and discussing God’s words.

I believe that this Deacon Ministry ordination will create a means to serve young people and children by teaching and mentoring them in their journey through the faith in many locations. I will be not only working with my church and community but wherever the Lord leads me.

Since my enrollment in this ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute, I have seen a lot of ways that the Church of Jesus can continue to build His kingdom. It has increased my awareness of God’s words which is motivating me to raise young people in their faith. I am also using this training to achieve certificates that I can show to others who meet me for the first time and would want to know how much training I have had before they entrust their children in my care for teaching. On my youth minister ordination journey, I now have an opportunity to connect with others who in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

In my work in ministry, I have seen a lot of children changed in their attitude toward the church and the service of Jesus Christ. This training has made me think of venturing into involvement with believers, not only children and youth as I have focused my ministry activities thus far. My prayer request is that the Lord will cover me as I prepare young revival Christian Leaders.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.