Minister Ordination Path

Minister Ordination Path

Minister Ordination Path

Greetings! My name is Sandy Cook, and I am on a minister ordination path. I’m a mom, wife, daughter, and child of God living in the NE Atlanta, GA area. I met Christ through a door-to-door evangelism team when I was in high school. Since I grew up in a relatively anti-Christian home, I didn’t know anything about God or Jesus at that time, so I was on a path of slow Christian growth.

I married when I was 19, but within a few months we found out my young husband had cancer. My husband died when I was 22 years old. After being widowed, I was depressed, alone, and desperate for answers about why my life even mattered. I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to read my Bible from cover to cover in hopes of finding answers about everything. Diving deeply into God’s Word changed me and my faith. I sought out a church where I could learn, and I’ve been learning and growing in the Lord ever since.

God has blessed me with a second husband and amazing sons. Jesus has been faithful in keeping me on the right path through multiple trials and tribulations. He has shaped me and grown me into a much stronger child of His on this minister ordination path. God loves and values each one of us, and that is a message of encouragement I want to share with the world.

I am called to develop a Journal Bible Study series as inspired by God. The book in the series titled Meet Jesus: A Journal Bible Study For Beginners and Seekers, was published in September 2018. I previously published in 2018 Becoming A Woman After God’s Own Heart: A Journal Bible Study of David and the Psalms. It was developed for the Women’s Bible Study group at my church. My future focus will be on developing additional Journal Bible Study series.

On my minister ordination path, I plan to use my background and training to serve as a Christian Spiritual Growth Coach. My Bachelor of Divinity Diploma and Deacon Minister Ordination through Christian Leaders Institute and my certification as a Biblical Life Breakthrough Coach prepare me to effectively serve the Lord as a Christian Life Coach for young women. I’m excited about helping young women transform their lives through Christ. I want to help them have a close relationship with the Lord to become confident, active sisters in Christ raising young families with love and grace.

I’m excited to walk with the Lord and help spread His Good News to all who will embrace His Word! I appreciate prayers that I would continue to grow in the Lord, that I would love Him with all of my heart, mind, and soul, and that I would love everyone with grace as God loves them so that I may be an effective encourager and teacher to others.

Open doors and ministry opportunities which are being put into my path right now include co-leading our Women’s Bible Study at church and the current list of Journal Bible Study titles the Lord has inspired me to create. Becoming an Ordained Officiant Minister with Christian Leaders Alliance will allow me to administer sacraments, officiate at weddings or conduct funerals when the local church needs me to serve in one of these ministry roles.

I want to add that CLI’s free ministry training and ordination have been formative in my ministry future. They have given me an avenue on which to build a solid foundation for my ministry going forward. Without the free training, it would have been challenging to embark on the journey toward obtaining my Bachelor of Divinity degree. As my ministry moves forward, I hope to be able to give back generously and will encourage other students to go for certifications or a degree. CLI’s program is fabulous, and I’m thankful to have found CLI when God was calling me to write for Him!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.