Rams Head Ministry Ordination

Rams Head Ministry Ordination

Rams Head Ministry Ordination

My name is Andrew Boner and I am excited to get my Rams Head Ministry Ordination. Oklahoma is where I live, but I am originally from California. I am 41 and saved for about six years now. Catholic was my upbringing, but I stopped attending church at 14. At 18, I felt the pull of ministry. Since I was not a believer, I ran from the calling instead of following it.

I spent the next 15 years in the U.S. Navy doing my best impression of Jonah. As a result, I was miserable for those 15 years. After I was honorably discharged, I started dating a lady who got me back on God’s path. Since then, I have been shown the path God wants me to take.

I plan to use my Christian Leaders Institute ministry training to evangelize and preach, especially to off-road motorcycle riders. I am a disabled veteran, living on a fixed income. There is little room in my budget for additional expenses. I can not work and have been in a six-year fight with the VA to receive a livable pension. I’m stuck where I’m too disabled to work, but not disabled enough to be considered handicapped.

Since I posted the above paragraphs, God has been moving in my life. I am now 44 and have started the ministry God showed me years ago. My issues with the VA resolved by praying about them, then I let God handle them. A livable income is now mine.

Deacon Ministry Ordination

I am currently working on the Deacon Minister Ordination at CLI. Being ordained through a reputable ministry will allow me to offer more to the individuals I am helping, and provide a source of income for the ministry.

My ministry, Rams Head Ministry, is truly a Deacon ministry. The Ministry exists to aid people who need short term help, be it a bill, their yard, a tank of gas, or to get them to their next payday. We minister to and pray for those in the hospital or in-home care. Once I have the proper ordination through CLI – my Rams Head Ministry Ordination, I will also offer in-home church services for those unable to leave their house to attend church. I also work closely with Combat Veterans For Christ Ministry to provide the veterans in our area with counseling and prayer.

Right now, I am at the beginning of running God’s ministry here. The number one hurdle in front of me is finances. Being on a fixed income, I do not have the finances to help everyone in need. Prayers for financial blessing would help a great deal. Thank you!

Learn more about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.