Ministry Calling

Minister Calling and Deacon Ordination

Minister Calling and Deacon Ordination

My name is Erik Pruitt and I have a minister calling. My wife is named Hope. I thank God for her daily. We have four sons and one daughter. I was born in 1980, in Troy, AL. I was from a broken home due to the failed marriage of my parents. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother loved and cared for me. They supported me financially and emotionally. They are also the ones who introduced me to the church and the Lord.

I first found the Lord and was saved at Dozier Assembly of God. It happened one Sunday evening during the music portion of the service. The song “Just a little talk with Jesus” was playing. I will never forget the feeling that came over me that night. It filled an empty spot in my soul that nothing else could.

Minister Calling Journey

I received my minister calling as a teen. I served the Lord for a while before drifting away as I grew older. He called me again in my 20’s, but I ran from this minister calling. He called me yet a third time, and I have answered his call with my whole heart now.

I have had some strong Godly role models such as Pastor Curtis Faulkner at Harmony and Ron Miles at Riverside Baptist Church. These two men have been excellent role-models, mentors, and friends. Also, my best friend and fellow musician, Larry Tillery Jr., and I love to speak of the Lord.

I have been a lay-leader for a while now preaching some at Harmony Baptist, White Rock Baptist, and Monticello Baptist Churches. Currently, I serve part-time preaching on Sunday nights at Harmony Baptist and work with the youth program there.

I enjoy gospel music, and I play the Bass guitar and sing with a small southern gospel group. We perform regularly at our church. I enjoy fellowship with other believers. I also appreciate the outdoors and camping and try to use this as an outreach when I can.

Deacon Minister Ordination and Free Ministry Training

Receiving this Deacon Minister ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance will open doors in my minister calling to the Lord’s work. It shows a background in ministry and knowledge of the Lord to others and gives me a sense of belonging and purpose.

The free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute has been a gift from God. I have learned so much about God’s word, my walk with God, and the history of the church. Had it not been for this free training, I would not have been able to afford to do this.

Please pray that we prosper, not in earthly desires, but in bringing the knowledge of the kingdom of God to everyone. I feel a special call to the youth that we work with and through the music.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.