House Church Planting Ministry

House Church Planting Ministry

House Church Planting Ministry

My name is Jason Dobbins. I am married to Stacy, and we have four children. I have been in ministry for 10 years as a worship leader, street evangelist, men’s group leader, and counselor. Now, I am in a house church planting ministry started in 2016 called The Denver House Church Network.

Early Struggles

My first encounter with Jesus came at five years old. Since I had no discipleship or church attendance, I was left on my own to figure things out. This did not go well as I was easily misled by social influences. The Lord and my prayers became my only refuge from a life of sin. Because I had no understanding of what it even meant to be a Christian, I got in trouble and I ended up homeless at 15 years of age. I joined a gang and sold drugs to survive. Then, I fell into new age and pagan influences.

However, my heart was for the Lord, and even though I was in this darkness, He brought me out by his grace. So after many years of sinful living and mistakes including a failed marriage, I became fully immersed and devoted to the Lord. I began my life anew built on the Rock.

Called by God

It was at 34 years of age that God called me powerfully. My entire life turned upside down and was never the same. The Lord led a strong Ghanian pastor into my life who became my mentor and discipled me. I was surprised to find out how intense Christian life could be. The spiritual warfare and the suffering shocked me and I almost gave up. Because of the Lord Jesus’ grace and mercy, I came through this time and learned to exercise and build my faith muscles.

Since then, God gave me a Christian wife after finding the Lord and now we have four children. I have led in various leadership roles over the past 10 years: leading men’s small groups, a food bank, and evangelism ministry.  I have counseled and discipled many other new believers and have enjoyed leading or participating in worship for the past nine years as well.

House Church Planting Ministry

My ministry goal is to fulfill God’s purpose for my life. I will pour my life out for the Lord and serve him with all my heart and strength. Now, my ministry is a house church network called the Denver House Church Network. We work with the We Are the Church movement here in America to develop a strong Monday through Saturday Christian family lifestyle and culture.

We ask for your prayer as we plant and lead house churches, raise up new leaders, and form the foundation of connection relationships in new believers lives. Christian Leaders Institute is an important part of our mission and process as the house churches multiply. We were seeking house church planting ministry training to go along with our discipleship training. CLI fills this need perfectly with their amazing classes perfectly made for our needs in house church planting ministry. Also, the wonderful ordination program with Christian Leaders Alliance is excellent for us. Francis Chan founded our church. We have referred CLI as our recommended ministry training option for all the house churches in San Francisco as well as ours in Denver.

Amazing opportunities await! We are very grateful to CLI.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.