Free ministry education opportunity

Free Ministry Education Opportunity

Free Ministry Education Opportunity

My name is Amber Carmichael, and I am grateful for this free ministry education opportunity at CLI. My family and I live in Franklin County in Virginia. I am a wife and a mother of two girls. I am also a licensed cosmetologist. Now, I am excited about joining the ministry.

Growing up in foster care from the age of seven months to four years old, I was adopted and raised in a Christian home. My father was a preacher and sang southern gospel music. I grew up in the church. But, I turned my back on God as a teenager because of what happened to my dad. I didn’t understand why when he prayed over people his entire ministry they would be healed of any sickness. But for some reason, he was never healed from cancer. He fought hard for seven years. After my dad passed away, I was an emotional wreck and doubted God.

In this doubting time, I got married and was expecting my first child. After my first came along, the second came soon after. When my youngest was two, I went to cosmetology school. I graduated from Paul Mitchell and became a salon owner. With the birth of our children, my husband and I became aware that God needs to be present in our home. So, we looked around for a church.

Ministry Calling

On one Sunday, I had the idea to go back to one of the churches where my dad used to preach. We attended for a few months but never really felt at home even though we loved the pastor. So, we stopped going for a while. A year later on a Saturday night, I decided that I wanted to go to church the next morning. So, I messaged the pastor that we loved to see what time church started. I found out that he had branched out and started a new church.

For three years, we have attended faithfully. About two years ago, I suddenly felt this call from God to go into the ministry. I ignored it as I always did. Finally, I told my pastor about the urgency that I felt to do something in my church because God was telling me to do it. So, I helped out with the youth ministry. My calling just got stronger and stronger. God told me “You are going to go to school. You are going to be a leader!” I listened and obeyed and found CLI.

Free Ministry Training Opportunity

I have enjoyed and appreciated the free ministry education opportunity that I have received at Christian Leaders Institute. When I first answered God’s call to start ministry training, I applied to Liberty University. I knew that there was absolutely no way I could afford to go to LU, but I knew I had to answer the call. So, I felt like I had to do what I had to do. I was scared because I am a mother of two and a business owner. Every single dime my husband and I make goes back to either the kids or the family business. After I received the news that I would not be able to get any grants or anything, I cried and asked God about where he wanted me to go next.

I googled “affordable ministry programs,” and it came up with the usual Liberty, CCS, and a few others. Giving up, I went to turn the laptop off. I still have no clue how (because I didn’t scroll to the bottom of the page), but when I grabbed the screen to shut the computer, I saw the words “Christian Leaders Institute.” It made me stop what I was doing. I went to the page and was immediately hooked. Dr. Feddes was the first person I heard, and I couldn’t stop listening. Ever since I enrolled in my first class, I am obsessed with this free ministry education opportunity. I don’t want to stop learning.

Deacon Minister Ordination

This deacon minister training and ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance is a blessing. It will give me the ability to be able to be a diakonos in my church and to serve whenever there is a need. I am currently a teacher in our children’s program at church. Also, I am a youth ministry leader in the church youth group. As mentioned above, I have been involved in the ministry most of my life. Since my father was a pastor and a gospel singer, we traveled around with him singing and preaching.

I appreciate prayers. The power of prayer can shake the foundation and make a huge impact. I want to thank you all so much for the free ministry education opportunity. You will never know how much it means to this wife, mom, and business owner. God be with you all of your days!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.