Minister Training Ordination

Minister Training Ordination

Minister Training Ordination

My name is Lisa Kalambo Makapa and I am receiving Deacon minister training ordination at CLI and CLA. I live in Zambia on the Copperbelt province in the town called Luanshya. This Deacon minister ordination will give me an added status and credibility to my ministry journey as it will give me the ability to perform the duties of a minister. Now, people will trust and respect me as clergy. This Deacon minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance will give me the privilege and honor of being a religious leader. In the church and the community at large, my conversion, call, and commendations will be validated for me in ministry and public leadership.

Ministry Call and Opportunities

Many doors for ministry will be available for me out there after my ordination. I have a call upon my life to plant churches. I pray for more grace to fulfill the will of God. Doing what God has called me to gives me great joy. My passion for the young generation is to share the word of God in a way that is life changing. The devil is really influencing their lives in drug addictions, sexual immorality, and other evil ways. I believe I have a special grace in this area that God has given me. I desire to win many souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.

How CLI Helped Me

It is a great privilege to be able to study here at Christian Leaders Institute. It was impossible for me to acquire a theological education because of lack of finances. But, thank the Almighty God, He made a way for me where there seemed to be no way. God is a God where all things are possible with Him. God led me to CLI to study theology and many other courses offered with high-quality free minister training.

I am glad I found CLI. I will continue studying even when I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. There are many wonderful courses that CLI is offering besides theology. My hope and prayer are that CLI will offer a master’s program so that I can take all the courses at one place. CLI helped me fulfill my vision for ministry. I have matured in the Word of God and a deep love for that Word. CLI has a positive impact on my spiritual journey with this minister training ordination.

Please pray for more grace upon my life, my family, my ministry and my calling. May I grow in the knowledge of the Lord as I want to know him more and to do His will.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.