Deacon Ministry Study

Deacon Ministry Study Ordination

Deacon Ministry Study and Ordination

I am Willie B. Alexander III, and I am excited to be doing this Deacon Ministry study. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, in 1971. I played High School football but was mostly known for my strength. I won all-state powerlifting two years in a row and became the strongest student-athlete in the state of Oklahoma in 1990. I further played college football at Marshall University and finished at Missouri Southern University. I married Betsy in Tulsa, OK, in 1998, and we have a son.

I grew up in a home, where Bibles were not allowed. There was no talk of God and going to church with family on Easter was a secret. By the time I was 23, I had gone to church less than ten times my entire life. I only knew one Bible passage growing up, Matthew 6:9-13, the Lord’s prayer. I know this prayer because we prayed it before every football game.

I played football through high school and received a football scholarship to Marshall University. I also lifted weights through school because I had to work hard to overcome my disability. I worked hard because I learned not to compete with others but against myself. I won all-state in powerlifting two years in a row and became the strongest high school athlete in the state of Oklahoma in 1990. Doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t survive and may never walk when I was a child. But I became the strongest in the state of Oklahoma and played college football. Praise God!

Hunger for God

My hunger for God began to grow. I became diabetic after college and moved to Atlanta. I was new to taking insulin and had many severe reactions with my blood sugar. One day, my heart stopped because my sugar level elevated too high to 1200. My heart stopped for several seconds – only seconds, but I was whisked away outside of my body. It took 20 years even to discuss what happened, but I did not see the Lord at death. I’ve been a believer ever since. Please, don’t require a near-death experience to change your view of God, like what happened to me!

I received baptism, and the enemy attacked. Betsy and I divorced in 2005. My back began bothering me soon after. I had to have spinal fusion surgery in 2006 and was bedridden for three months. I learned to walk again, built up my strength and returned to work. In 2010, I had to have my gall bladder removed. My kidneys failed in 2013 along with other multiple hospitals stays with high blood sugar. Five ambulance rides and several near-death experiences left my family and friends afraid that I would die. With God’s grace, I survived.

More Health Struggles

While on dialysis, I found out that a co-worker was a perfect kidney match. However, I knew his diabetes was severe and was led by God to turn down the kidney. I waited and trusted in God. After having a simple bone spur removed from the bottom of my left foot, my doctor put me into the hospital. I acquired an infection from the hospital. Over time, the infection made its way into the bone of my foot. I became septic. I spent six months in the hospital and had the foot amputated. I spent months in rehab and a wheelchair but didn’t give up. I received a prosthetic leg four months after amputation and never looked back. I learned to walk again.

Four years later, I received a kidney and pancreas transplant, and God healed me. Months after the transplantation, I noticed that my hands developed a tingling sensation.  The anti-rejection medications, diabetes, and carpal tunnel disease caused severe nerve damage in both hands and arms causing me to remain disabled. Through the grace of God, I with limited mobility hope to complete the deacon ministry study program at Christian Leaders Institute. I desire to preach the word to others in similar situations and remind them that God is there through the storms.

Deacon Ministry Study and Ordination

I want to complete a promise to God to become an ordained minister with a Doctorate in Ministry. I gave my heart to the Lord in 2002 and want to be who God has molded me to be and to minister to those with a terminal illness.

I am excited about my Deacon Ministry Study Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance. I plan to use the Deacon ministry study ordination to build a stable foundation for spreading the word of God to everyone. I plan to continue through the entire ministry track at CLI. I will keep moving forward in study and preparation until God lets me know where He wants me.

I came to CLI seeking knowledge about God. I wanted to know more than Sunday service and Bible study. CLI helped me understand what the Lord has been calling me to do. The cost is what kept me going. I knew that I had limited access to courses because I live on disability. I tell everyone where I am receiving my training, and I plan to continue moving forward in the faith.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.