Ordained House Church Leader

Ordained House Church Leader

Ordained House Church Leader

My name is Derek Karl, and I desire to be an ordained house church leader. I was born and raised in west-central Texas, where I currently reside. I am the youngest of four boys. My wonderful wife, Valarie, and I have six children. I work as a parts manager for a local boat dealership, and my wife is a homeschool teacher for our children.

As a child, my mother, and later my father, took me to church regularly. At the age of ten, I gave my life to Christ and received baptism. I can say that I had a blessed childhood in that I was the only one of my friends that did not come from a broken family. I saw how this affected several of them as they turned to substance abuse as an escape. Despite many poor decisions on my part, I never fell into this lifestyle. I often felt that I didn’t belong because I was not part of the party culture, but I know now that God was protecting me from many evils.

During my two years at community college, I saw more of the same. Young people who were hurting inside and looking to the things of this world to make them happy. I often prayed for God to send me a wife that had a heart after Christ’s. I wanted a partner that shared my views, and that would help me in my walk with God. God answered my prayers, and I married Valarie. Twenty-two years later, she is still supporting me in becoming all that Christ wants.

The Blessing of Children

We both wanted children. So, after we married, we tried to conceive. It took time, but Val finally became pregnant with our son. I really thought my life couldn’t get any better. However, one day Valarie became ill and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. The specialist told us that he needed to perform an emergency C-section or she could die! The surgery went as planned, but our son, Gunnar, passed away hours later. In an instant, our life was turned upside down! I was in shock for months. I tried to understand how this could have happened to us. Questioning God’s love for me, I let this sever my relationship with Him for a time. I lost my joy.

Then one day, God spoke to me. He told me that He knew how it felt to lose a most beloved Son!! That broke my heart! Until that moment, I never truly understood the enormity of God’s love for not only me but for all humanity! I cried out to Jesus and begged Him for forgiveness. I prayed that He would not forget me as I had forgotten Him. The prodigal son was restored. God then opened doors for Valarie and me to adopt children. We now have five beautiful children here and one in heaven! The Lord uses them to bless me and teach me of His love!

Ministry Calling and Training

I have felt God calling me to the ministry for a while. When I looked at online college ministry training, I found it was so expensive that I would have to put my family into debt to even enroll. I also knew that God did not intend for my study to burden us financially. I questioned if I was really called because I knew that I needed formal training.

About a year ago, our teenage daughter and some of our friends’ children asked for a Bible study. We began this in our home, and as time went by, adults with no children started to attend. There was even a retired preacher that started attending. Due to a feeling of inadequacy, I began to search again for training and found the Christian Leaders Institute. I was a little skeptical, but I signed up. I watched the first video, and I knew God had blessed me. CLI reaffirmed my calling and my desire to become an ordained house church leader.

Ordained House Church Leader and Ministry

My wife and I have since been called to start a house church ministry that meets weekly in our home. It is such a blessing that we are praying for leaders to plant other house churches. We have also been asked by the pastor of a local community church to help them build various ministries within their congregation. We attend weekly services at this church, and support and encourage the leaders in the vision and calling they have for their field. I am so thankful for the training that the Christian Leaders Institute has provided to me! CLI is a significant reason that I can effectively serve in the ministry today. I give all glory to Christ Jesus for the great work He is doing through this school!

This Deacon Minister ordination through Christian Leaders Alliance is a blessing. I can now serve as an ordained house church leader. This ordination process has taught me sound doctrine in ministry functions and leadership principles. It has also affirmed my calling to ministry through the mentor program and letters of recommendation. This ordination will assist me in being able to perform baptisms and the Lord’s Supper in our house church ministry. I know that God called me to serve. Christian Leaders Institute has provided me with the training and credentials to become a useful leader in the Church. I am so excited to see what God is about to bring to pass!

Please pray for house churches worldwide that they have the support they need to stand against the attacks of the enemy. Pray that all congregations and denominations come together in unity to show the love of Jesus to a lost and dying world!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.