Ordination Experience

Ordination Experience

Ordination Experience

My name is Amber Moody, and I want to share my ordination experience. Trenton, South Carolina in the USA is where I live. I am a 37-year-old mother, wife, homeschool teacher, church custodian, youth pastor, business owner, custom cake designer/baker, and event coordinator. I am also into interior decorating and remodeling. All of these things I do by choice and very rarely get paid for my services.

I love the Lord with all that is in me. Since I have lived in the same town since birth, I know a lot of people because of that. I have not always been Spirit-filled, but I sure am glad that I am today! Being Spirit-filled helps me connect with people from all walks of life and gives me the opportunity to witness often.

Ministry Journey

At my home church, I help children (and adults) have a deeper understanding of the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. I have been building Little Disciples for 20 years this year. We decided it would be beneficial for me to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. To have credentials to back up my position is essential. I am here to become an ordained minister on paper to add to my years of experience.

My ministry starting point was an outreach ministry for inner-city kids in 1998. I worked with a local group called Christ Central. We (mostly my mother and I) went into the streets of the most dangerous neighborhoods in our area and handed out food and toiletries. We witnessed to the hardest of hard hearts. My journey has been incredible. I have stories to tell about myself and my experiences of seeing God do mighty works in the lives of other people. This profile can’t hold them all.

Ministry Study and Ordination Experience

Now, it’s time to have a whole new study and ordination experience with Christian Leaders Institute that I’ll be able to share. Vital information about myself though, I love to laugh, and even more so, I enjoy making others laugh. It’s my key to connecting with others. No matter what differences you have, almost everyone loves a good laugh. I like to smile too! The more I realize that the Christian Leaders Alliance is a legitimate place to become ordained and build real credentials, I am smiling a lot!

I am very grateful to have found CLI and CLA. It took many nights of putting my kids to bed and staying up late, but I did it! I completed the Deacon Ministry Ordination course and requirements. My goal is to finish a few more classes before I consider this ordination experience and study journey complete with CLI. I plan to use these credentials to get access to a last chance girls’ camp. Being a witness and ministering to them is my dream. I hope to be a vessel for Christ to reach these girls before they end up in prison.

Please pray that I am a useful part of the body of Christ. Pray that God strengthens me as I try to help all of the children at my church and this girls camp. Thank you again for this opportunity that I would never have been able to afford otherwise. You guys and gals rock!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.