Ordained Deacon Call

Ordained Deacon Call

Ordained Deacon Call

My name is Tod Clarke, and here is my ordained deacon call story. I live in Spring Branch, Texas. I’ve been serving the Lord in ministry for several years. I worked in youth ministry, recreational ministry, prison ministry, and as a volunteer chaplain at an assisted living/memory care facility. At first, I never felt a call for any formal training. The Holy Spirit leads me and provides me with messages to deliver. However, this training for a Deacon Minister is an answer to His call. I’m glad I submitted and followed through. As always, the Lord has opened my eyes to new things, and the credentials will give me more “credibility” in the eyes of man.

The initial ordained deacon call from the Spirit to venture down this road of Deacon Minister came about when a caregiver at the assisted living facility asked me to conduct her upcoming wedding ceremony. I explained I had no certification as a pastor so could not but would be happy to offer her and her fiance’ marital counseling. That evening, I found myself wondering why I’ve let things of man hinder ministry opportunities. I got on my laptop and found the Christian Leaders Institute. I had no desire to pay some money for the purchase of a certificate. I’ve already been asked to conduct the wedding of my son’s best friend, which opens the door for more marriage counseling. I’m open to where the Lord may lead me as a Deacon Minister.

Full Surrender to The Lord

Twenty years ago, I was not advancing in my work. The Holy Spirit convicted me in my failure to submit to my supervisor fully. The Spirit asked me, “How can you submit to the Father, who you cannot see when you refuse to submit to your boss who is in your presence?” I was convicted and submitted fully with His help. Job opportunities opened to me, and my professional life and ministry life flourished through submission. It takes full surrender to the Lord to be effective in ministry.

This free ministry training at CLI has been ideal for me. It allows me to examine the credibility of CLI at no financial risk. I’ve found the curriculum to be based on scripture and challenging as it should be. CLI shall have my financial support, and I look forward to taking additional courses with CLI because the scheduling fits my sometimes hectic life.

I sincerely appreciate your willingness to pray for me. Please, pray for me to continue to remain humble. Pray that I continue to take up my cross and follow Jesus every day, dying to myself in my marriage and my ministry.

Learn more about local ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.