Ordained Church Planter

Ordained Church Planter

Ordained Church Planter

Shalom, servants of the Most High God. My name is David Long, and I am called to be an ordained church planter. I live in Linstead St Catherine, Jamaica. I was born in the cool hills of Stony Hill St Andrew, the eighth child for Titlyn Francis and the first for Eric Long. My parents later got married and shortly after my mother gave her life to the Lord. At an early age, I was introduced to church and Sunday school. My mother kept family devotions on Sunday mornings, during which I was required to pray. It was at a tender age of seven years old that I felt the call of God on my life. The family relocated to Linstead St Catherine where I began high school.

During the first two years of high school, I gave my life to the LORD at the age of fourteen. I was a part of my school choir and played the guitar in church. My mom was an ordained missionary in the church, so a lot was expected from me being the ‘missionary’s son”. I was also a part of the youth department and visited the outstation churches and held a Rally.

Wandering from God

After high school, my walk with God took a downward turn. I stopped going to church, stopped praying, and stopped reading my Bible. My Christian life was lifeless. During this time, I became a member of the Jamaican Police force (Jamaica Constabulary Force) and appointed as a detective. While in the police force, I faced some hardened criminals, and some of these encounters resulted in death. In May 1998, a fatal motor vehicle accident took the life of my sweet, loving mom. Then four years later, my little brother got sick and died. I was angry with God at this point wondering why He didn’t take me.

During these down times, the Lord was calling back this “prodigal son.” I resisted for years, living an ungodly life, not thinking about the safety of my soul or the consequences of sin. I suffered frequent panic attacks that had me hospitalized for days. At those times, I reflected on my life and wondered where God went. The emptiness grew, and the absence of the Lord in my life was now unbearable. Then in December 2011, I re-committed my life to the Lord.

Return to God and Ministry Training at CLI

On my return, I enrolled in Bible college to know more about God. My new walk with the Lord was different now. Because this time I had a relationship and was not just a churchgoer. I am still a member of the Jamaican police force, a detective Sergeant now. In the morning, I conduct devotions at various police stations and evangelize the force. I am the first vice president of the Association of Christian Peace Officers (ACPO), a Sunday School teacher, a mission team member, and a member of the music ministry.

My discovery of Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) was heaven sent. My call to ministry would have been incomplete had it not been for these FREE intense and in-depth theological courses. They helped to prepare my work walk with the Lord. They also prepared me for my deacon minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

I crave your prayers as I am about to plant a church in another few months as an ordained church planter. Pray that God will lead me into His perfect will and purpose for my life.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.