Youth Minister Call

Youth Minister Call Journey

Youth Minister Call Journey

My name is Chastity Parks, and I have a youth minister call on my life. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is where I live. I am a single parent with one child, and I attend Freedom Fellowship Church in Mustang, Oklahoma. I was born in 1982 into a home where everyone attended church. My grandmother was an evangelist, and my aunts and uncles were leaders and choir members in the church. When I was about 5, I received Christ in my heart for the first time, but when we moved away from home (Los Angeles, CA), I fell away from God. For years, I knew of Him but didn’t know Him. At the age of 15, I rededicated my life to Christ and began to learn how to grow up and spend time with my Savior.

First Youth Minister Call

In high school, I felt like a social outcast. I did not want to take part in the teasing and bullying of one group or the partying and drinking of another. Even though I knew a lot of people and they knew me, I clicked with few. I spent lunchtimes with my Bible. After graduating, and continuing in church, I felt like God called me to youth ministry. All I knew in my heart was that I wanted teenagers to know what I didn’t know in high school. They needed to know and understand their worth and value and how to overcome peer pressure. They needed to be the change they wanted to see in their school, even when they didn’t dare to lead. That was in 2001, and it wasn’t until 2016 that I had the opportunity to begin ministering to the youth of my church.

Two-fold Youth Minister Call

I believe my ministry journey is two-fold with one purpose: to build the broken into the warriors that God calls them to be. My heart for the youth of this world has not changed. I want to see the young rise up into the World Changers that they are. People who will go into their world spreading the Love of God and bringing other hearts into repentance. However, my desire is more than that. I also have a heart for those who feel less than others. Especially women who have lived their lives being beaten down and broken by circumstances. My heart is to build them up into mighty women, prayer warriors, and mothers who will not settle for less than the promises of God.

On a personal note, I am divorced with one handsome son and one darling fur baby. I like to spend my time with my family playing sports and living a peaceful life. Also, I enjoy writing poetry and reading books. I originally went to a vocational school to become a personal trainer, but am no longer training. Currently, I work for a school as an academic counselor and as a youth group leader for my church (where I am affectionately nicknamed Dark Eagle). I am a member of the worship team there as well. Lastly, I advocate for my son, who has High Functioning Autism.

Youth Minister Call and Ordination

I believe being an ordained minister with Christian Leaders Alliance will open doors for me. Often, people listen when they know you have studied and received recognition in accomplishing that. I hope and believe it will give me a bit more confidence in myself to cross the “chicken line” and minister to strangers. It has given me the confidence to start other ministry opportunities within my church, as well.

Being able to partake of this free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute has been amazing. Knowing that I can do what God has called me to and that it didn’t cost me thousands of dollars to do it has been such a blessing to me. It will allow me to reach people in sooner than I thought possible and to change lives now.

Please pray that I can overcome my fear. I do not want to steer people wrong. Pray that I always follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings and let Him lead me. I do not want to become prideful or lose sight of God.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.