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Servant Minister Journey

Servant Minister Calling

My name is Wade Winger, and I am called to be a servant minister. The state of Minnesota in the USA is where I call home. I learned of Christian Leaders Institute after beginning work on a degree in Business Management. Since then, I resigned from my education in business to pursue my education with CLI. I have three kids, ages two, ten, and twelve years old. If you mix school, family, and work together, it makes for a pretty busy life. Although, you will not hear me regret it.

Life Challenges

During my divorce, I was working graveyard shift and raising my two older kids on my own. As they got older, they stopped napping, and that was when I stopped sleeping. Most common during that time was three to four days without rest. I used caffeine to get through those difficult times. I also took care of errands, such as grocery shopping and doctor appointments. Somehow, I managed to keep my job, never got in a car accident, never got a ticket, and most importantly, both of the kids are healthy and doing well. There is no way I could’ve done that without God’s help. I am thankful for God being there for us when we needed him. Since those days, I met someone new, and we have a two-year-old boy together.

I remember praying for The Lord’s help during my divorce, and I never experienced such a calm and focus as I did at that time. After things settled and my life began to get back on track, I began to feel a great pull toward returning to the church. As my faith grew, I started realizing that God had a new plan for me. However, I didn’t know what to do with it. I checked into schools for training and even talked to my priest, but nothing felt right. I knew that God was calling me.

Called to be a Servant Minister

One morning, I was talking to God, figuring out a few things about work and life. Suddenly, I heard, “Go into ministry.” I was puzzled since I had already checked into ministry training. I thought maybe it was just in my head. A few days later, I was talking to a friend at work, who like me was in business school. He told me that I should go into ministry through this nonprofit school that he recently discovered. It was Christian Leaders Institute and offered free ministry training online. I looked up CLI after work and did my research. I enrolled in my first class. Things began to feel right in my life. After my second term finished, I left business school to pursue my ministry education.

Currently, I work security, and I’m also a First Responder. I talk to many people about various incidents going on in the world. They have a grasp on the events they’re talking about and useful ideas on how to make things a little better. However, nothing comes of their ideas. I want to start a nonprofit company to help people with good ideas to share their voice with the world.  Then, we can fine-tune those ideas and bring them to life. My first task has to be getting an education. That’s why I’m at CLI, working on expanding my knowledge and my skills.

Servant Minister Opportunities

Receiving my deacon minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance gives me new credibility.  I’ve talked to my Pastor. He permits me to work with my church to gain some experience and sharpen my skills. I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to share God’s peace and love at nursing homes and hospitals, ministering to those who are unable to make it to church.

Prayer is a big part of my life. Therefore, as my faith has grown, so has my prayer life. I pray the Rosary on most days. I feel that it’s important to remind myself of what was given for my sins. My Pastor recently asked if I would mind talking about my prayer life at church. I was surprised and honored at the request. It was my first time speaking at church in front of everyone, and I hope it’s not the last time. Prayer is essential to me in every aspect of my life. Please, pray for my ministry and the nonprofit company I hope to start. I would very much appreciate your kind words and thoughts. Thank you, and God bless.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.