Ordained Ministry Opportunity

Ordained Ministry Opportunity

Ordained Ministry Opportunity

My name is Erica Moore. I am thankful for the ordained ministry opportunity I have with my deacon minister ordination with CLA. I am the mother of a ten-year-old daughter named Joy. Currently, I attend another online college and Christian Leaders Institute. I will obtain my bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and my ministry training from CLI. My birthplace is Gary, Indiana, but I have relocated to DFW, Texas, in 2016. My current employment is warehouse work. This job is a place where I have been effective in winning souls to Christ.

God also gave me the direction to start a community organization that goes by the name of proDOcers. One of the aspects of this organization is to serve unique demographics, such as single fathers. The foundation scripture of the proDOcers is Matthew 9:38.

Conversion Story

My life with Christ began twenty years ago at the age of 14. During this time, I was stricken with seizures and in a constant state of depression. My godmother pulled me by the arm on a Wednesday night and said that the spirit impressed upon her that I need to be at church. I went, received Christ, and got healed. I have not had another seizure to this very day. God is a healer.

I have been in Christ for twenty years, and a lot has been lying dormant in me. Mainly, the reason is due to life choices on my part. I know God called me to the work of the ministry. My knowledge of the importance of training is there. I have joined three churches in my life due to a lot of moving around. Whenever I join a church, I find where I can be of service.

Ministry Training at CLI and Ordination Credibility with CLA

The training I need to effectively serve in ministry is here at Christian Leaders Institute. I hope to make connections with new people. Training in evangelism is my main interest.

The deacon minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance assists greatly in my ministry. First, for a woman serving in ministry, it is essential to have as much training as possible. Second, it signifies I take the work of God’s kingdom serious. This ordination helps me to become a more reliable, credible resource. Third, to be an effective equipper, I must remain teachable and open to training. A deacon minister ordination can unlock doors for me to serve in new areas.

Ordained Ministry Opportunity

Ministry opportunities for me span from local to international, and it is by Christ alone that He chose me. There are a few open ministry doors in my path right now. I serve various individuals within my organization by helping to restore hope. It is also an honor to be considered a mentor minister for the Christian Leaders Alliance. Serving in any capacity necessary at my local church is also very important.

It has also been a privilege serving in other organizations such as Women Organizing Women. There, we provide tools, training, and resources through evangelistic outreach, mentorship, and women’s support. Our organization is embarking on a mentor center in Ghana. We plan to partner with Christian Leaders Institute to offer their free training. Then, the people can have access to ministry training, in hopes of boosting their confidence to do the work of the ministry and potentially bring more prosperity to the country.

A Solid Ministry Foundation with CLI’s Training

CLI’s free ministry training provides a solid foundation for the future of God’s ministry work through me. I commit to being a life-long learner. Christian Leaders Institute makes it possible and affordable to accomplish that. Christian Leaders Institute is also a great point of reference for people God sends me to serve.

I seek prayer for overcoming the obstacles associated with being a woman in ministry. Pray that I can healthily balance family, work, and ministry unto the glory of God. Pray for continual humility and that God shall get the glory from it all. I seek one thing, and this is, “Well done thou good and faithful SERVANT” from my Lord and Savior.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.